Can baby have a fever take a bath? For this problem, there are many young parents because of the lack of correct understanding of fever, it is easy to lead to misunderstanding, which seriously affects the recovery of the baby, sometimes even lead to serious consequences. In addition to bathing, there are many food therapy problems, many mothers are groping forward, may be useful for your baby, in other babies may not be useful, even lead to more serious illness.

1. Do not use broth to supplement nutrition

Xinxin has had a cold and fever for several days and has been taking some drops. Xinxin’s mother looked at Xinxin’s emaciated face. She was worried that her baby’s nutrition could not keep up with her. So she went to the vegetable farm to buy some fresh pork and cooked soup. Although Xinxin didn’t want to eat it, she still drank a big bowl with her mother’s help. Results in the night, Xinxin launched a high fever, not only vomiting diarrhea, but also crying uneasy.

I tell you: high fever can also lead to the metabolism of various nutrients, increase oxygen consumption, so pay attention to the baby’s nutrition is right. But it’s wrong to add nutrition by giving your baby broth. Because high fever reduces the activity of digestive enzymes and affects the baby’s digestive function, eating greasy food at this time can not be absorbed, but will cause vomiting or diarrhea, aggravating the body’s water shortage.

When the baby has a fever, the baby should be given liquid, nutritious, light, easy to digest food, such as porridge, vegetable soup, juice, egg soup and so on. In addition, but also to give the baby enough water to drink, the best is salt water. On the one hand, it can supplement the lost water and electrolyte, on the other hand, it can achieve the purpose of cooling.

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Page 1: do not use broth to supplement nutrition

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Page 3: don’t bathe your baby

Page 4: choose the right physical cooling method


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