Although we have eaten ice cream countless times, it’s no exaggeration to say that in hot summer, every time we eat ice cream, we still feel amazing – the taste is cool and fresh, the cream is silky and mellow, and we can’t help taking the second and the third bite

However, many parents dare not experience the pleasure of eating ice cream with their baby. They think that the baby is still young, eating ice must hurt the spleen and stomach, at least after 3 years old to eat. Not long ago, our very familiar host Wang Han admitted in the program that his son, Xiao Mu Mu, is 3 years old and has not eaten ice cream so far.

In other words, do babies really have to wait until they are 3 years old to start eating ice cream?

The answer is: no!

For babies with healthy intestines and stomach and no allergy history, they can start to try ice cream when they are over 1 year old!

Compared with ordinary snacks, the biggest difference of ice cream is the lower temperature. But modern medicine, nutrition, never mentioned that low-temperature food will have a bad effect on a healthy baby.

Because humans are thermostatic animals, when eating ice food, the hypothalamus will activate the whole thermoregulatory center, and regulate the balance of body temperature by reducing heat dissipation and increasing heat production.

Therefore, ice cream will not “frostbite” the baby’s stomach! When the baby wants to have a taste of ice cream, we don’t have to resolutely refuse, give him a taste, only let him eat well——

Very happy!

We should pay more attention to the other two characteristics of ice cream than temperature——

1. Is it sanitary

Refrigerators help keep food fresh, but they don’t kill bacteria. If we find that the package of the ice cream is damaged, it means that the ice cream has been contaminated and must not be given to the baby.

2. Sugar content

Generally, the sugar content of ice cream is not low, and some are even higher than that of cola. If the baby often eats, it will take too much sugar, which will bury the risk of obesity; it may also affect the taste habits, making the baby like sweets since childhood.

So, although the baby eat ice no problem, but too much sugar intake is not good! For the baby eat ice cream, or “taste” is better, not greedy! Need parents more supervision, patient guidance.

In addition, to the baby to eat ice cream, but also pay attention to the following points:

Avoid eating when the baby is on an empty stomach, so as not to affect the meal;

Adhere to the “no offer principle”, that is, if the baby doesn’t ask for it, we won’t give it, but there’s no need to ban it completely.

Check the ingredients list to see if the ice cream contains allergenic ingredients, such as nuts such as almonds and peanuts, or fruits such as mangoes and strawberries, which may be allergens of some babies.


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