Recently, the high incidence of influenza, many children have been recruited, not only the child is sick and hard, parents look very distressed, care for children are also very tired.

In fact, for influenza, in daily life, parents do the following things, can reduce the chances of influenza in children, see you have done it?

1. Develop good habits.

Children are more active, like to touch here and have a look. The spread of many bacteria starts with these little moves. So let children develop the habit of washing hands frequently. Wash your hands every time you go home and wash your hands before meals.

Parents have time to bring their children to do some exercises to improve their physique. For example, let him play a half hour scooter or taxi. But keep an eye out for sweating and change clothes immediately after sweating. Don’t blow and avoid getting cold.

2, reduce contact with influenza patients.

Reduce the baby’s contact with flu patients. If the family is suffering from flu, try to reduce the baby’s contact with them and avoid infection. Parents should also teach children to use sneezes or coughs to cover their mouths with paper napkins or palm. Disposable tissues should be thrown away in time. During this period, parents should disinfect frequently, especially when the baby’s toys are cleaned in time.

3, pay attention to adding clothes.

These days the weather is hot and cold, we should let the baby timely add or subtract clothes, pay attention to keep warm, especially the head, hands, feet, neck, back and other parts of the more attention to keep warm. These are all important parts of the wind and wind entering the body, and we must pay special attention to them. Parents should also remember to take off some heavy clothes for the baby when the temperature warms up, and it is not good for the baby to keep warm.

4. Stay away from the crowds.

During a high flu outbreak, it is best to minimize taking children to crowded, airless indoor places. Such as crowded shopping malls, indoor game places, etc.

Be sure to wear masks if you want to go to these places. Don’t assume that wearing a mask is only an adult’s business. Many businesses now have children’s masks suitable for children. Just choose the appropriate mask according to the age of the child.


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