Maybe I’m old. I don’t like watching those noisy variety shows now. Instead, I like watching the emotional reality shows that are grounded and life-style.

No, I saw the premiere of the second season of “happy trio” two days ago, and I found it very interesting.

Three small courtyard three couples, simple three meals a day, firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar tea, full of life atmosphere.

The three couples invited in this season are Mr. and Mrs. Zhang Guoli, Mr. and Mrs. Deng Jie, Mr. and Mrs. Chen Yihan, Mr. and Mrs. Xu Fuxiang and Mr. Lang langina Alice, the “piano prince”.

Of the three couples, I would like to talk about Lang Lang and Gina.

Because, their way of getting along really surprised me. Can you believe that the 37 year old Lang Lang is adored by his 12-year-old wife? I can’t believe it, even if I don’t see it with my own eyes.

Gina, who was born in 1994, is only 25 years old this year. She is a German Korean mixed race. She has no beauty or stature. She is also a young pianist with both talent and appearance.

In front of Lang Lang, his character is even better. I’m a woman. I fell in love with Gina after watching the show.

Not long ago, Lang Lang, Gina and his mother appeared at the airport together. In the photo, Gina is wearing a big bag, but Lang Lang is relaxed.

For this reason, Lang Lang was also criticized by netizens as “shake off the shopkeeper”, “not a gentleman” and “macho”.

Unable to stand up, Lang Lang also tweeted: I have to help my wife carry some luggage in the future.

At that time, such a micro blog still attracted a lot of scolding:

But with the broadcast of “happy trio”, netizens’ voice has become “Lang Lang has no way” and “his wife won’t let him do it”…


“I just can’t help but want to do more for you”

I don’t know if it was sprayed with psychological shadow before. Lang Lang in the program actively asked for various jobs, but Gina really didn’t want to let the pianist husband do it…

“I’ll do it I’ll do it”

“I know how to do it.” all right.

This is Gina’s most frequent words on the show.

Lang Lang wants to drag the suitcase together. Gina pushes Lang Lang away directly. There’s no need to finish one by one.

As soon as she entered the room, Gina was busy packing.

Gina is cooking in the kitchen. Lang Lang comes to help. She pushes him away. I’ll come.

Finally Lang Lang just washed a onion under his wife’s “Kaien” and opened an electromagnetic stove.

After dinner, Gina continues to wash dishes and clean up. Lang Lang can’t help but play the piano in the room.

Gina, a German Korean hybrid, looks like a traditional and capable Korean housewife when she takes care of the housework.

So, there is such a picture. Gina is busy and Lang Lang is watching. People who don’t know the cause may misunderstand Lang Lang’s chauvinism again.

To this, Lang Lang Lang is a little helpless: “I do too little housework, but as long as she is happy.”

Gina said:

My husband has been thinking about how to help me, but I don’t think I need to do anything for him. I feel very happy when he eats well. No matter what, just together, I feel happy.

Because I understand him, I am willing to pay more and bear more. This is Gina Yu Lang Lang.


Love can’t be hidden

Lang Lang is not handsome in our eyes, but Gina’s eyes are full of stars. She can always praise him from the bottom of her heart, with tender eyes.

“Your eyes are beautiful.”

Lang Lang, who is in his early seventies and a little chubby, is really average. But Gina can seriously boast of his long legs.

There are so many small details in the program that Gina can always get his cute spot no matter what Lang Lang does.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

In addition, Lang Lang and Gina, the newlyweds, are really going to “hold each other high” after a while. They are too sweet.

Gina is sweetly asking for her husband’s kiss at any time. It’s a simple physical contact that conveys the love that will spill out at any time. It can’t be hidden.

It can also be seen in the program that Gina, in order to learn Chinese for Lang Lang, has made rapid progress compared with her marriage in June. A northeast Mandarin is very grounded, forming a huge contrast with the image of Bai Fumei, which is very pleasant.

The beauty value is high, the temperament is good, the talent is overflowing and not coquettish, also has the young girl’s coquettish, Gina such lover, who doesn’t like it.

And Lang Lang is more like a big boy. From time to time, she has to tease Gina. Gina can’t tell. She always takes it seriously and lets Lang Lang’s little prank succeed.

Beautiful love is mostly like this, allowing your childishness, but also willing to accompany you childishness.


Happiness has never been the same

I find it interesting to have a comment from a netizen on the program:

Boys want a daughter-in-law like Gina, girls want a husband like Chen Yihan’s husband, but most couples end up getting along like Zhang Guoli and Deng Jie.

Three groups of guests, including the old husband and wife who have been accompanying for 30 years, the newly married couple and the new parents, represent three marriage processes. Not only that, but also three typical marriage modes.

Zhang Guoli and Deng Jie are both old playwrights. They are quite equal. Although there are great differences in personality and interest, compared with Zhang Guoli, she likes to listen to Beijing opera, drink tea and practice calligraphy, while Deng Jie likes to listen to European and American music to do housework and cooking.

But they have a tacit understanding that they don’t need too much language and have a clear division of labor. You cook and I wash dishes, you nag and I pick up the sticks, and they can always keep up with each other’s rhythm.

This is a special mode for them after years of running in.

Chen Yihan and his wife are obviously strong women and weak men. The woman rests on the sofa and plays puzzles. The man contracts all the housework on his own, without complaint. They are similar in character and have a very harmonious relationship mode.

As for the Lang Lang and his wife, men are stronger than women. Maybe it’s because she is a pianist, so Gina can understand Lang Lang’s professional characteristics better. She doesn’t let Lang Lang interfere in housework at all.

Gina and Lang Lang get along with each other more like fans chasing idols and adoring them.

Although the family structure of the three couples is quite different, they all run in the mode of getting along with each other.

Whether it’s tolerance and complementarity like Zhang Guoli and Deng Jie, harmony like Lang Lang, or congeniality like Chen Yihan and Xu Fuxiang, I think it’s very good.

Because happiness has never been the same!


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