In the dog days, the high temperature, even in case of occasional rainfall, is still so hot that people don’t want to move. But the babies are different. They are naturally active. Even if it is hot, they still want to go out and have a good time.

In hot summer, in order to make the baby more comfortable and cool, parents always try all kinds of ways, but they don’t know that some things and methods are not conducive to the baby’s health. For example, here are a few things to see if you are successful!

First: wear open crotch pants

Every year we have to count them, but there are still many parents who wear open crotch pants for their babies in summer, which is called “convenient and cool”.

In fact, babies are lively and active. They like to climb and sit everywhere. Wearing open crotch pants is very unsanitary! In addition, genital exposure is easy to be injured. It should also be noted that wearing open crotch pants is not conducive to the establishment of children’s gender awareness and self-esteem.

Even if it’s hot, you should choose the appropriate diapers or underwear according to your baby’s age. When you wear them, your baby needs “face” no matter how small!

Second: shaved head

Babies often sweat. Once they sweat, they are easy to grow prickly heat. The most obvious thing is their forehead. Therefore, many parents want to shave their baby’s head, which is cooler with less hair cover.

In fact, thick hair is the first “umbrella” of the scalp. Shaving the head is tantamount to losing the natural safety barrier against harmful substances. Mosquito bites, scalp infections, eczema and other problems will also be easy to find babies. Moreover, the scalp is easy to sunburn in direct sunlight.

If you are worried about long hair and sweating is easy to lead to long prickly heat, you can cut your baby’s hair appropriately. The length of male baby’s hair is best controlled at 3-5mm.

Third: no air conditioning

The elders are afraid that the baby will catch cold or that the baby will get “air conditioning disease” by blowing the air conditioner, so they dare not turn on the air conditioner, or turn the air conditioner on at a higher temperature.

In fact, as long as the air conditioner is used correctly, there will be no problem. The baby is active and sweaty when he moves. He is more likely to sweat in a hot room, which can easily lead to long prickly heat, restless sleep and other problems. Blowing air conditioning to the baby can improve the quality of sleep and avoid prickly heat. The baby feels more comfortable and has less benefits.

In addition, it’s hot outside and sweaty when going out. Children are easy to get prickly heat. Play in the air-conditioned room and wait until the sun is about to set. If you are afraid that your baby will sleep in the air-conditioned room and catch cold, you can cover your belly with a small blanket, and the active baby can simply put a sleeping bag on his bed.

Fourth: no sunscreen

Big people want sunscreen, baby doesn’t need it?

Wrong! The scorching sun will not be more gentle for children, so the baby should also wear sunscreen when going out! Studies have shown that sunburn before the age of 3 increases the probability of skin cancer in adulthood.

It is recommended that babies within 6 months choose physical sunscreen such as sunshade hat, sunshade umbrella and sunscreen clothing; Physical sunscreen is preferred for babies aged 6-12 months, and sunscreen within SPF10 / PA + can be considered; Children over 2 years old can choose sunscreen above SPF 15 / PA +. But it should be noted that we must choose children’s special sunscreen, and we can’t apply adults’ sunscreen to children.

Fifth: drink cold drinks

When it’s hot, it’s really enjoyable to have an iced drink, but it’s not recommended to give the baby a cold drink to cool down.

First of all, the sugar content of cold drinks sold in the market is high, and it is easy to have a sense of satiety when eating in large quantities, which is not conducive to dinner; Secondly, drinking a lot of cold drinks will stimulate the intestines and stomach, which is easy to cause gastrointestinal dysfunction. When the baby is thirsty, cool and white is the best thirst quenching “drink”.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that you can’t eat cold drinks or ice cream at all. The key is not to eat too much. After all, eating ice cream in summer is an unforgettable childhood fun!

Sixth: leave the baby alone in the car

Sometimes when parents take their baby out shopping, they may feel that the time to leave is very short, coupled with too much sunshine, so they leave their baby in the car.

Don’t do that!

Even if you leave for only one minute, you’d better take your baby with you. Because maybe you’re delayed on the way? Forgot the baby was in the car? In that case, the consequences would be unimaginable. Remember, in a closed high-temperature car, only 15 minutes may bring fatal brain and kidney damage to children.

When getting off, first confirm that the baby gets off, and then pull out the key to lock the door. At any time, there is no reason, even if the weather is not hot, even if you only leave for a while, please don’t leave the child alone in the car, but take it with you!


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