Parents want their baby to have big legs and tall stature in the future. However, height is affected by many aspects, such as heredity, birth height, nutrition, hormones, environment, diseases, etc. in addition to the important proportion of genetic influence, many practices will also affect the child’s height the day after tomorrow.

Parents who want their children to have perfect height in the future should pay attention to the following practices that affect their children’s height. Don’t do it again~

1. Sleep too late

Now parents are under great pressure and busy. After a busy day’s work, they are used to brushing their mobile phones and watching TV dramas before going to sleep. This habit virtually affects their children and makes them form the habit of going to bed late. There are children who are more excited before going to bed and refuse to go to sleep, and their parents let it go.

In fact, from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. the next day, especially around 10 p.m., the secretion of growth hormone reaches the highest. If you want your child to grow tall, you have to hurry up to sleep.

Tips: before going to sleep, you can read picture books, tell a little story and share what you have seen and heard today, so that children can feel the sleep ceremony, which is more conducive to falling asleep quickly.

2. Turn on the night light when sleeping

When parents and children sleep in separate rooms, they are worried that their children will be afraid and uneasy because they fall asleep alone, so they leave a small night light in the room. Although it is for the children’s peace of mind and convenient for parents to check their children’s sleep at night, it will actually interfere with the secretion of growth hormone.

Tips: to increase children’s sense of security, parents can prepare a comfort doll.

3. Lack of exercise

“Lazy” parents often use electronic products to bring their children. Over time, children are addicted to electronic products. First, children have a strong dependence on electronic products, which is difficult to quit; Second, children rarely participate in outdoor sports, which is not conducive to growth and development. Exercise can promote human digestion and absorption, improve resistance, accelerate the synthesis of vitamin D in the body, improve the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus in the blood, and is conducive to the growth and development of children.

Tips: instead of replenishing calcium through various methods, it’s better to take children to exercise outdoors and enjoy the gifts of nature.

4. Keep your drinks and snacks in hand

Parents worry that their children are hungry and will prepare snacks for their children to satisfy themselves; Or parents control their children’s snack intake, but the old man loves his children and secretly eats snacks.

Parents should pay attention to the loss of nutrients in the production process of snacks, high calories, low nutrition, and also contains a large number of additives. Children often eat snacks and drinks without leaving their hands. They are easy to be obese, which also affects their health. In addition, eating too many snacks before meals is not conducive to normal eating and will also affect their growth and development.

Tips: when parents choose snacks for their children, try to choose relatively healthy snacks, such as yogurt, nuts, fruits, etc., and avoid drinking too many drinks.

There are two periods of sudden increase in height: one is the birth period, from 0 to 2 years old; The second is adolescence, which is about 13 to 15 years old for men and 11 to 13 years old for women. If parents want the baby to grow taller, they must seize the rapid growth period of the baby’s height and avoid these practices that hinder the child’s growth.


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