The etiology, pathology, symptom diagnosis and treatment of children’s sinusitis are different from those of adults. According to the literature, children suffer from more than 6-8 respiratory tract infections every year on average. Each time, it can affect the sinuses. Most of them can recover by themselves. About 5% of the patients can form chronic sinusitis. Winter is the high incidence season of upper respiratory tract infection, which makes children suffer from the threat of sinusitis. As a parent, it must not be taken lightly. So, if the baby suffers from sinusitis, how to treat it? Now I will introduce 6 secret recipes for treating sinusitis.

1. Treat rhinitis by washing nose with salt water

Prepare salt water (put two spoons of salt in a 100ml bottle, dilute with boiling water), dip the cotton ball on the toothpick into the salt water to wash the nostril, and then leave the cotton in the nostril temporarily. At this time, lean up or lie flat, press the two sides of the nose with the index finger and thumb, and suck hard to make the salt on the cotton ball flow into the nasal cavity, and then into the throat. Always wash your nose in the morning and in the evening.

2. Sophora honey can treat atrophic rhinitis

When washing the face in the morning and evening, use the little finger to dip in the flowing tap water to clean the nostrils, remove the scabs and secretions in the nasal cavity, fully expose the nasal mucosa, and then use the cotton swab or fingers to dip in the commercially available Sophora honey to evenly smear it on the affected part of the nasal cavity.

3. Garlic for rhinitis

Mash one clove of garlic, wrap it with a clean bean bag cloth, squeeze out the garlic juice and drop it into each nostril (it was very painful at that time), then press the nasal fan several times to make it stick to the garlic juice in the nostril, once for the light, twice for the heavy. I remind parents, because garlic is very irritant, they should try it in small amount first. In addition, for babies who are allergic to garlic, this method is forbidden!


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