Warm and humid spring lets the cold germs multiply rapidly, and sometimes cold and hot weather makes the babies overwhelmed, not a small cold. “One person is sick and the whole family is restless”. Yes, the baby is so sick that it has such a great power. Therefore, mothers must be careful not to let their babies get sick with a cold, or adults and children will suffer. In the season of high incidence of colds, to deal with the cold or to prevent the main, to do the following 5 points, can effectively prevent the baby spring cold oh!

First, pay attention to hygiene.

Bao Baoqin washed his hands and said goodbye to the germs.

Babies are full of curiosity about the world. When they see something interesting, they can’t help feeling it and even like to put it in their mouth. Little hands dirty, then rub their eyes, touch their noses, eat… These behaviors can easily make bacterial viruses available. Therefore, the baby’s health problems, mothers should pay more attention.

Washing hands is the first line of defense for personal hygiene. Mother should pay attention to the cultivation of baby conscious hand washing habits, I suggest that mother and baby when washing hands together to sing a “Hand-washing Song”, may also let the baby fall in love with hand washing. In addition, the mother also told the baby, after touching other things can not touch the face, do not put the toy in the mouth. Education is the main and supervision is subsidiary, helping the baby develop good habits.

Every time you go home, you will have a comprehensive cleaning.

If you take your baby out and go home, you might as well give your baby a full cleaning. First of all, you should help your baby wash his face, wash his hands, wipe his body, after completion, the mother can use a towel full of water, and then put the baby under the nose root to suck, repeated several times, the nasal cavity can be cleaned. Clean nose, will not itch uncomfortable, you can also remove bacteria, so bacteria and viruses do not want to invade the baby.

Diligently washing and drying bedding

Babies sleep easily sweating, damp bedding can accelerate the growth of bacteria and viruses. If it comes to the rainy season at the end of spring, wet bedclothes are also the hotbeds of mites. Therefore, to ensure the baby’s health, you can wash and change the sheets for the baby, sterilize the baby’s bedding with clothes disinfection water, so that bacteria, mites and baby will not have the opportunity to “close contact”! Frequently flip the bedding, clothing, can let ultraviolet rays in the sun kill the germs, and remove moisture, this It is also very beneficial to prevent colds. In addition, indoor ventilation is often required to ensure air circulation in order to prevent the growth of germs.

Two, keep safe distance.

If the family is caught cold accidentally, we must pay attention to the contact with the baby. Because the baby’s body immunity is lower than that of adults, virus bacteria can easily invade the baby’s body.

If you have a cold at home, parents should try to contact the baby as little as possible, wear a mask, for used garbage should also be timely disposal, the use of daily necessities to be often disinfected. When you get home, don’t cuddle with your baby immediately. Instead, change your clothes and wash your hands and face. This will reduce the amount of bacteria that attack your baby’s weaker body.

Three. Adequate protein supplement.

Baby is the time to grow, especially in a year, spring is a good season for the baby to grow tall, so mothers should think more ways to let the baby eat and sleep well. This way the body is strong and the immunity is strong, so the mother doesn’t have to worry about the baby’s susceptibility to colds during the season change.

The adequacy of immune globulin in human body is one of the factors affecting the immune function of the body. The lack of immunoglobulin will reduce the ability of organism to resist bacteria or viruses. Fish, meat, eggs, milk and soybean products, such as high nutritional value, children should be allowed to appropriate intake, in order to enhance the synthesis and utilization of protein. In addition, taking vitamin C and foods rich in vitamin C also have a certain effect on preventing colds.

Four, ensure adequate sleep.

Adequate sleep and good sleep quality will help your baby grow and develop better. To create the best sleep environment for the baby, the mother is advised to put the baby in a cradle or crib, both sides of the bed should be protected. The temperature of the sleeping environment is about 25 degrees Celsius, and the humidity is about 50%. Try to create a soft and quiet environment. Also pay attention to not to baby wear, cover too thick, baby sleep easy to sweat!

In spring and summer, children sometimes get sleepless because of weather changes. What should I do?

It’s hard for a baby to fall asleep.

Backlight sleep: when the baby stays in the mother’s stomach, it adapts to the dark sleeping environment. So let the baby sleep in the direction of the backlight, let him adapt slowly.

Pat the baby: If the baby is still in a bad mood after sleep, the mother can hum a nursery rhyme and pat the baby gently to give him enough security.

Play soft music: you can choose some soft music to help your baby sleep. You know, babies have a natural appreciation of music.

Five, appropriate timely increase or decrease of clothing.

After the baby’s game, often sweating, this time the mother should help the baby to change or increase or decrease clothes. After sweating, the baby must dry in time and avoid blowing cold. Here’s a little advice for parents. You can put a small towel on the baby’s back before he moves and take it out when he’s sweating and wet. This will avoid changing clothes repeatedly.

In this warm and cold season, the weather is changeable, the mothers have to fight up 12 minutes, in case the cold germs entangled in the baby. The above five points, mothers in daily life to do everything possible to prevent, so that the baby in a relatively safe environment, greatly reducing the risk of a cold baby.


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