The pathogenic effect of rotavirus is mainly to cause diarrhea in babies under 5 years old. Sometimes, paying great attention to personal hygiene can not prevent the infection of subvirus. Therefore, the most effective way to prevent the virus is to vaccinate against rotavirus. When is the best time for the baby to be vaccinated against rotavirus?

Time of rotavirus vaccination: 2 months to 3 years old

The most suitable time for rotavirus vaccination is when the baby is 2 months old to 3 years old, which is feasible all year round. However, this vaccine is not recommended in the high incidence period of diarrhea in autumn. The high incidence period of autumn diarrhea in the south is from November to February of the next year, and the high incidence period of autumn diarrhea in the north is from October to January of the next year. Moreover, the rotavirus vaccine is a sweet oral liquid, so parents should avoid the high incidence period of diarrhea when arranging their children to take this vaccine. Generally, they should take one bottle once a year from July to October of each year.

If parents have not given the vaccine to their babies before the age of 3, such babies generally do not need to take the vaccine again. Even if the baby has not been infected with the secondary virus, most babies over the age of 3 have already been infected with the virus and produced antibodies, which will significantly reduce the incidence rate.


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