Summer is a season for babies who need to pay attention to health care. Because the metabolism of the baby is faster, the various body functions are still developing. Therefore, if the sweat is too strong or sweaty in the hot summer days, it will easily lead to the loss of water, inorganic salts and water-soluble vitamins in the body. It is easy to heat stroke.

Hot and hot in summer, the appetite of the baby may have an impact. Plus the high temperature weather is easy to breed bacteria, the baby’s gastrointestinal function is more fragile, so parents should pay attention to food hygiene, to avoid the baby’s intestinal infection.

Below, let me do your baby’s care in the hot summer, and avoid the baby’s discomfort. Mainly from the following three aspects:

● Diet should be a good match, not too light. Many parents are afraid that the summer baby will get angry or heatstroke, and the diet arranged for the baby will be lighter. However, the baby’s growth and development actually requires rich nutrition, and the requirements for diet and nutrition are very high. If you have a long-term diet, it may cause your baby to suffer from nutritional deficiencies and slow development. Therefore, the summer baby’s diet should be scientifically and reasonably matched, and the vegetarian diet is suitable. If you are afraid of your baby’s bad appetite, you can make fish, meat, vegetables and other foods into porridge, so that the baby is easier to eat and easy to digest, and nutritious. It should also be noted here that eating too much meat can also cause the baby to accumulate food. The accumulation of food can cause constipation, fever, and cough in the baby. It will be more serious in the summer, so parents should always pay attention.

● Eat cold foods and drinks as little as possible. In summer, the temperature is high, and eating cold and iced foods helps to prevent heatstroke and cool down. And there are many fruits in summer, many parents like to make cold dishes to adjust the baby’s appetite and appetite. However, if these cold dishes are not properly stored or are not hygienic during production, they may breed bacteria at any time and cause the food to deteriorate. If the baby eats these, they will suffer from intestinal infections such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting and fever, so parents should pay special attention to it. Do not let your baby touch this food. Moreover, the sugar content of melons and fruits is also high. If the baby eats too much, it will cause digestive dysfunction, which is not worth the loss.

A variety of drinks such as soda, juice, and cola are probably the favorite of the baby in the summer, but you should be careful not to consume too much beverage, because the sugar in the beverage is easy to make the baby fat, causing problems such as tooth decay. For the baby, the best drink is boiled water. If the baby sweats more in summer, parents should add cold water to them. Sometimes you can add a small amount of salt in the boiled water, so that the baby can replenish body water and electrolytes in time to avoid heat stroke.

● Do not take a cold shower. Summer heat, cold showers can undoubtedly cool down, but for the baby, it is recommended to take a shower and bathe with warm water even after a long sweat. Because of the cold water bathing time, the capillaries in the body will shrink rapidly, and the baby’s resistance and bodily functions are weak, so it is easy to get cold and get sick.

Therefore, in the summer, Mom and Dad still have to follow the care points mentioned above to take good care of the baby, especially pay attention to the heatstroke prevention and cooling, but also to adjust the baby’s physique through the diet and daily life, the baby is physically strong, only to fight against various summers. The body cost of epidemic diseases. I hope that every baby will be healthy, happy and happy to spend the summer and welcome the fall of the harvest season.


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