The sun is as fierce as a tiger in summer, and ultraviolet rays are in a strong state. If you don’t pay attention to protection, you will get sunburn easily. Baby’s skin is more delicate than adults, more need to pay attention to sunscreen. If you play outdoors during the day, especially on the beach for a long time, and don’t pay attention to sun protection measures, you will find your door in minutes. What’s more, there are some “aftereffects” symptoms of sunburn, that is, when the baby does not take proper sunscreen measures and plays outdoors for a long time, and the symptoms of sunburn will not appear until about 4 hours later.

Baby’s delicate skin in case of sunburn, there will be local sunburn skin swelling pain, burning sensation, the first day of pain will feel the pain peak, the pain will be relieved in the second to third day. Serious when the baby’s skin may appear peeling, blisters.

Baby sunburn will certainly cry more than, this time in addition to pacify the baby, parents more to deal with, quickly after the baby sunburn nursing work.

1. Relieve the burning sensation and pain of baby’s skin first

Baby after sunburn skin pain is strong, if can endure, do not need medication. If the baby crying because of pain, mom and dad can give the baby to eat in the baby analgesic drugs. Ibuprofen is commonly used.

Merrill Lynch, also known as ibuprofen suspension or ibuprofen drops. In addition to antipyretic drugs, there is a function is to ease the baby’s toothache, neuralgia and other pain. However, the dosage should be determined according to the baby’s age and weight. It should be taken once every 4-6 hours and no more than 4 times a day. Taking Merlin can relieve the skin burning pain and other symptoms of the baby after sunburn, making the baby a little more relaxed.

If parents have doubts, please consult the doctor before taking medicine.

2. Cooling skin

If the baby is only partial sunburn, parents can prepare a cold towel or ice bag for the baby, gently apply it on the skin surface of the baby. In this way, it can lower the temperature of the skin, relieve the symptoms of swelling, redness and pain of the skin, and can also promote the contraction of skin capillaries and promote the recovery of skin health.

If the area of the baby sunburn is large, local cold compress is not effective, you can give the baby a cold bath. When taking a cold bath, the water temperature should not be too cold, otherwise the baby will feel unwell and easy to catch a cold. Remember whether it is cold compress or cold bath, are in the baby’s skin without blisters or damage can be carried out. In order to avoid injury to the baby’s skin wound, further deterioration of infection.

3. Moisturize the skin

After cold compress or cold bath, keep baby’s skin humidity and promote skin recovery. Therefore, parents should prepare some baby lotion or moisturizer, or aloe gel to cool and detumescence, which can not only moisturize the skin, but also make the baby feel comfortable and relieve the discomfort after sunburn.

It should be noted that if the baby skin after sunburn small blisters, mom and dad must not pick out by themselves, so as not to cause wound infection. There are large blisters and ruptured skin parts, it is recommended that parents apply some antibiotic ointment to their babies, and remember to wash the area with warm water before applying the medicine. And for the self drying, off the blisters can ignore or cut off the surrounding dead skin.

If the baby is seriously sunburnt and cannot be cured by nursing at home, it is suggested that parents should take the baby to the hospital. Baby sunburn once not only adult heartache, nursing labor, baby itself will be very hard. In order to avoid sunburn, in summer in outdoor activities, parents still need to remember to do a full range of baby sun protection measures oh.


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