Recently, the weather is getting hot. Parents may wonder how old the baby can get rid of diapers and learn to urinate in the bathroom?

Generally speaking, for babies aged 1.5 to 2, their digestive system and bladder system have developed to be able to control urination independently.

If Mom and dad find that the baby has these characteristics: he can keep non urination for more than 2 hours during the day or during nap, can express his desire to urinate orally or in action, can understand the simple instructions of adults, is willing to imitate adults to go to the bathroom, and can freely take off and pull on his pants, Congratulations, You can take advantage of this time to guide your baby out of diapers. Especially now the temperature is high in summer. If you wet your pants several times when trying, you don’t have to be afraid. Changing and washing your baby is more convenient and easy than in winter.

So how to guide the baby to go to the toilet independently? Here are three tips for you:

1. Choose the right time for training

Choose when your baby is in a stable and good state. Don’t train when your baby is sick. Avoid too cold weather, facilitate changing baby’s wet clothes, and avoid catching a cold at that time because of wet urine.

2. Prepare the toilet to guide the baby to the toilet

The baby is still young. In order to be safe, it can not be arranged to use the adult toilet, so parents should prepare a colorful children’s toilet for the baby. Generally, little girls can choose the sitting toilet, and little boys can choose the wall mounted male urinal.

3. Know how to guide your baby

The baby is still young. It is a step-by-step guiding process for independent toilet use. Parents can educate the baby through some story picture books at ordinary times. In addition, pay attention to the movement and expression of the baby when he is about to defecate, hand over the toilet to the baby in time and guide them to defecate in the toilet.

As mentioned above, there will be a process for training the baby to get rid of diapers. This process varies from person to person, long or short, so parents can’t rush, encourage and guide the baby, and don’t make the baby fear because they are eager for success, so the time from successful training will be longer. Believe that every child will succeed in training. It’s just a matter of time. Come on!


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