Under normal conditions, there is a film under the tongue, which is called tongue freckle. However, if the tongue freckle is too tight, the film will be larger and thicker, resulting in the inability to roll the tongue. When you spit out your tongue, the length of your tongue can’t exceed your lower lip. When you spit out your tongue, the tip of your tongue will also show a “w” shape, which is the evidence that the film pulls your tongue.


Usually, when the tongue band is too tight, the baby will not feel pain, but the tongue cannot be rolled up. Some newborns are easy to overflow when sucking milk. Almost every time they drink milk, milk will flow out of their lips. Some babies cannot suck the mother’s milk, because their tongue can not use force, nor can they make flexible movements.

Age of occurrence and treatment opportunity

Babies with tight tongue ties usually have this symptom after birth. Once diagnosed, they can be cut off immediately. However, since the tip of the tongue is not fully developed and cannot speak when the baby is born, it is not easy to detect between the ages of 1 and 2. When the baby is 3-4 years old and has just learned to speak, it is possible to find that the baby has a little big tongue when speaking, or cannot make a curly tongue, and the treatment is also complicated.

Treatment mode

When parents find that the baby has this symptom, they can take the baby to the pediatric surgery clinic to ask the doctor. Usually, they do not need to carry out surgical treatment. They only need to use blunt scissors to cut off the tongue freckle. There will be a little blood flow during the process, but it will not be too painful. However, if the baby is a little older, he may start to resist and ask the doctor to cut off the tongue freckle. At this time, the baby needs anesthesia to avoid bleeding during treatment.

Postoperative maintenance and precautions

After cutting the tongue lace, the doctor will help to apply medicine to the wound, and do not drink milk or eat within an hour, so the wound will recover quickly.


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