Baby to a certain age will start to grow deciduous teeth, and teeth during not only make the baby mouth uncomfortable, but also intermittent low fever. Careful mothers will also find that a few days before the eruption of baby deciduous teeth may have some abnormal performance, such as crying, increased saliva, poor sleep, low fever, mild diarrhea, local gums may congestion, these are easy to cause fever symptoms.

This is worrying mothers!

What’s the difference between a baby’s fever and a normal fever? What should we pay special attention to in nursing? Let’s make up the class today and pay attention to the nursing methods of a baby’s fever.

Why is baby’s long tooth burning?

Many mothers don’t understand how baby’s long deciduous teeth are related to fever.

In fact, gingival inflammation is the main cause of fever during the baby’s long teeth.

Because the teeth before teeth in the effort to drill out of the gum, will produce a similar “wound” place, prone to inflammation. Tooth-growing babies love to bite things, bite toys, bite fingers and so on, affecting the “wound” and oral cleaning, and many novice parents do not know about the baby’s teeth, the inflammation of the baby’s gums do not deal with in time, thus causing serious inflammation of the baby’s gums, leading to fever.

Fever during the long tooth period is no different from usual, but to know that the fever of teeth will be repeated, which requires us to do a good job for the baby antipyretic work.

How to detect baby’s long tooth fever as early as possible

Touch: Usually often touch the baby’s small hands and the back of the neck, you can know whether the baby’s temperature is normal.

Look: the baby’s face is flushed, lips are hot and dry, crying is uneasy, or there is no appetite.

Measurements: Baby’s normal basal body temperature is 36.9 to 37.5 degrees centigrade, generally when the body temperature exceeds the basal body temperature above 1 degrees centigrade, can be considered fever. Among them, low fever means that the body temperature fluctuates around 38 degrees Celsius, and the body temperature is above 39 C in high fever. Continuous fever for more than two weeks is called long-term fever.

The teething has a fever again, so take care of the baby.

NO.1 pay attention to oral cleanliness.

Baby fever when growing teeth is sometimes caused by oral hygiene is not enough, harmful bacteria caused by infection, so parents should pay attention to keeping the baby’s mouth clean.

In the baby’s long teeth, it is recommended that Bao Da Bao’s mothers wipe the baby’s gums and tongue fur daily with sterile gauze cotton dipped in warm boiling water to keep the baby’s mouth clean, reduce oral bacteria, but also reduce the risk of inflammation of baby’s gums. It is recommended that this clean cotton with high cost-effectiveness, soft texture, mesh design of fiber cleaning effect is better. Good. For babies who already have gingival inflammation, daily use of sterile gauze cotton to clean the gums, limiting inflammation to avoid spread.

It should be noted that because people have a lot of bacteria on their hands, Bao Da and Bao Mu need to wash their hands when cleaning their baby’s mouth, it is best to use hand disinfectant to disinfect, to avoid hand bacteria into the baby’s mouth.

NO.2 physical cooling

At this time, we need to measure the temperature of the baby regularly and monitor the temperature changes of the baby. If the baby’s temperature is lower than 38.5 degrees Celsius, usually do not need to use drugs, you can use physical cooling methods, such as antipyretic paste, or warm water towel cooling.

NO.3 drink plenty of water.

Long teeth to the baby to drink more water, especially found that the baby’s gums appear red swollen situation, more to the baby and some warm boiled water, eat less sweet, easy to fire milk powder and supplementary food.

Let the baby drink more water properly, can not only keep the baby’s mouth clean, but also very good to supplement the baby because of fever and loss of water.

NO.4 careful choice of drugs

If the baby’s teeth when the temperature of fever is too high, more than 38.5 degrees Celsius, you can eat special antifebrile drugs for babies. Excluding other abnormal conditions, only the low fever caused by teething. At 38.5 degrees C, it can cool down physically. Wipe baby’s limbs with warm water, armpit, neck back, must be warm water can not be cold water, forehead can be cold water compress. Parents should pay attention to the so-called cold reactions, such as chills on hands and feet, trembling all over the body, purple lips and so on, and stop immediately.

NO.5 pay attention to baby’s diet hygiene

During a baby’s fever, metabolism is accelerated and nutrients are consumed faster than usual. Giving your baby nutritious food will help your baby recover as quickly as possible. Milk, fresh fruit juice, mung bean soup, etc.

Fever diet conditioning mainly to flow food, such as milk, lotus root powder, milk (less oil) and so on, can also drink some mung bean soup, conducive to cooling. When the child’s body temperature drops and his appetite improves, he can be fed with semifluids, such as porridge, noodles, porridge, egg congee, and some digestible fish (fish).

Diet should be light, easy to digest as the principle, while paying attention to dietary hygiene, so as not to cause bacterial infection and fever baby.


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