Embrace reflex

For infants less than 3-4 months old, when the mother or family members suddenly walk to the child or make a sound, they will find their arms outstretched and straightened, and then bend inward to the chest to embrace. We will think that the child has cramps. In fact, this is not a cramp, but a physiological phenomenon, which is called embrace reflex in medicine. If the lack of this embrace reflex, it shows that the child’s brain nervous system is not mature, two may be the nervous system damage or lesions, intracranial hemorrhage or other intracranial diseases.


Careful mothers sometimes find that the newborn’s breathing is not only irregular, sometimes even apnea, and panic and uneasiness. In fact, irregular breathing and apnea are common in newborns, especially in preterm infants, which is related to the immature development of their brain nervous system. Apnea time is generally less than 10 seconds, and no other symptoms of discomfort, can be considered as a normal physiological phenomenon, do not worry.


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