Sparse hair: the baby’s hair has been growing slowly, almost no long hair, sparse hair, few and soft.

Reason 1: the newborn baby is in the development stage, with rapid growth and strong metabolism, so there is a lot of oil secretion on the scalp. If the mother doesn’t wash the baby’s hair often, the oil, sweat and other secretions and pollutants on the baby’s scalp will stimulate the scalp, causing itching, blistering and even secondary infection, This causes the hair to fall off easily.

Reason 2: hair loss caused by calcium deficiency is generally accompanied by a decrease in blood calcium.

Reason 3: zinc deficiency, anemia, typhoid fever, hepatitis, anti-tumor drugs, tuberculosis and malnutrition will also cause the baby’s hair to grow slowly.

Occipital alopecia: where the bones in the back of the baby’s head protrude, the hair is lost in a horizontal circle, and the other parts are not obvious.

Reason 1: physiological hair loss. It may be that when the baby lies flat and sleeps, it rubs with the pillow to produce hair loss. After the baby’s head sweats, the head will swing left and right, which will naturally damage the already fragile back of the head and cause hair loss.

Reason 2: baby pillow baldness may also be suffering from rickets, with hyperhidrosis, “ping pong” head, late fontanel closure, irritability and other manifestations.

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