Babies who are picky eaters always give their parents a headache: when hot dishes are served, the baby just doesn’t eat them; It’s so easy to get to dinner, play and be tired. Why doesn’t the baby seem hungry? There are picky eaters at home, and it can be said that they are feeling sad and numb. What should we do? Next, share some tips~

Searching for alternative foods

Some babies do not like to eat carrots, and parents are worried that it may lead to a lack of carotenoids. Although carrots are rich in these substances, some babies who do not love this taste, are difficult to correct, and are worried about nutrient deficiencies can find other foods containing carotenoids, such as pumpkins, tomatoes, etc.

The consumption of baby snacks should be reasonable to avoid excessive taste

Many parents in families respond to their children’s snack needs as they please: candies, candies, small cookies, etc., to the point where the baby finds snacks much more delicious than meals. Coupled with the abundant snacks, the baby’s body will tell him/her that they are full. So, the food provided by parents is not very attractive to the baby.

It is best to control the amount of snacks consumed by the baby within a reasonable range, while also taking care not to let the baby eat snacks with too strong flavors to avoid affecting the baby’s appetite.

Enrich food flavors and cooking methods

There is another possibility for babies to be picky eaters, which is that the food made of baba and hemp is not as delicious. What should be done? Parents are suggested to enrich the diet and improve the taste and taste of three meals a day. For example, millet can not only be made into millet porridge, but also millet cereal cake, which is not only full but also nutritious. Babies also love to eat~


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