Parenting is the first time a parent has insufficient experience in all aspects and obtains knowledge from books, elders and his own practice. Many practices are right, but many wrong practices have been regarded as parenting classics, misleading many novice parents.

1. It is more suitable for the baby to share the bed with his mother

There are two main reasons why newborn babies share the same bed with their mothers. One is to facilitate breastfeeding at night, and the other is that newborn babies need care. There are many advantages for newborn babies to share a bed with their mother, and we can’t ignore the dangers. For example, the newborn baby has low awareness of independent activities. If the mother accidentally falls asleep during breastfeeding, it is easy to cause the breast to press the baby, resulting in poor breathing and suffocation. In addition, it is possible that the mother sleeps too heavily and presses the baby into ignorance.

2. The baby needs to sleep with a pillow and a quilt

Many parents raise their babies in the habit of adults and think that babies need pillows and quilts to sleep like adults. In fact, the body and structure of a newborn baby are different from adults. Before the baby is 2 years old, when he lies flat, his body needs to be at the same level as his head to facilitate bone growth. If the quilt is not careful, it may cover the mouth or nose when the baby stretches out his arm or turns over, resulting in poor breathing.

3. The baby needs milk in the middle of the night

Newborn babies need to drink milk every 2-3 hours during the day, so novice parents think that the baby also needs to drink milk in the middle of the night, and even deliberately wake up the baby to feed. In fact, even if the baby sleeps more during the day, the sleep at night can not be disturbed. Sleep is more important than eating. Novice parents don’t have to deliberately wake up the baby and let him wake up naturally.

4. The baby needs to rest in an extremely quiet environment

The sleeping environment of newborn babies does need to be quiet, but the quieter the better. Because when the baby is still in her mother’s stomach, she is used to her mother’s heartbeat, blood circulation and all the noise of the outside world. Once their sleep environment is too quiet, they will not get used to it, and it is easy to lead to the bad habit that the baby can only sleep in an absolutely quiet environment. Therefore, novice parents don’t have to tiptoe when their baby is sleeping.

5. The baby cannot go out before the full moon

Mothers try not to go out during the puerperium. Because of this idea, it is generally believed that babies can’t go out before the full moon. In fact, babies can go out before the full moon. As long as the baby is dressed, it is also possible to push him to the small yard or the nearby park for a walk and fresh air.

6. The baby cries because he is hungry and needs to be held by an adult

When hungry or insecure, the baby will cry. But baby crying is not just these two reasons. They can’t do anything at birth, but sometimes crying is because he is entertaining himself and exercising himself. As parents, we should know how to analyze the real demands of the baby. As soon as the baby cries, he will hold or feed, which is likely to develop his bad habits or indigestion caused by overeating.

7. Babies should wear more clothes than adults

Many parents generally believe that babies are colder than adults, so it is appropriate to dress more than adults. In fact, the ability of newborn babies to regulate their own temperature is weaker than adults, and more importantly, their own heat dissipation function is not perfect. Newborn babies sometimes have higher body temperature than adults and should wear less. The simplest way is to wear as much as your parents wear.

Raising a baby is a painful and happy process. Novice mothers should learn from experienced people and learn to analyze their baby’s real needs. In this way, taking care of the baby is more convenient and conducive to the healthy growth of the baby.


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