There are always many problems on the way to parenting that make mothers feel headache. For example, the baby doesn’t like to eat, and the supplementary food can’t eat well, which is one of the problems that bothers many mothers.

Everyone said:

Every time the baby has a meal, it’s like fighting a war. He never sits down and eats a meal quietly.

Every time I empty my mind to do a variety of complementary food, but the baby is not willing to taste, headache killed me~

When my baby is eating, the family is like a circus. All kinds of tricks are used to coax him to open his mouth. After a meal, he is too tired.

Eating is a big event, especially after the baby starts to eat complementary food, it needs to absorb more nutrition from the complementary food to meet the physical and brain development. However, in order to let the baby eat, some of our practices may be wrong, in the long run, even bad for the growth of the baby. The following bad habits need to be changed~

1. Forced eating

Many parents in pursuit of nutrition, even if the children do not like to eat food, but also in any case to the mouth.

In fact, such a practice may cause the baby’s disgust, when he is older, he will change ways to refuse to eat these foods, and then the phenomenon of partiality and pickiness will become more serious.

Correct way: must respect the child’s will, patiently encourage to try, can try this food at intervals, but not forced to feed.

2. Chasing after food

There are many parents in order to let the baby eat more, so take the trouble to chase feed, coax feed. Some parents are worried about their baby’s eating slowly, so they keep urging them to try to eat.

This practice is not conducive to the formation of the baby’s eating habits on their own!

The right way: each baby has its own rhythm. When the baby closes his small mouth, or turns his head, or spits out food, it indicates that he is full. If the child doesn’t want to eat, stop and do not chase after him.

Some babies always want to grab the spoon when they eat. The mother can seize this opportunity to prepare a small spoon for the baby and give the baby a chance to practice eating by themselves!

3. Eating while playing

In fact, eating is also a ritual thing, just as important as “bedtime ritual”.

To let the baby develop good eating habits, then the sense of ceremony is also very important. And some parents will turn on the TV, play with mobile phones, toys, etc. when the baby is playing selflessly, they will give them a mouthful. Such practice goes on for a long time, will only let the baby develop incorrect eating habits.

The right way: cultivate a sense of ritual before meals, prepare for meals at a fixed time, wash hands for the baby before meals, sit on the dining chair, put on bibs and wait for meals.

To make the baby accept food better, you can take the baby to choose the tableware you like at the beginning, or the mother can choose the tableware that she is interested in according to the baby’s habits and hobbies. In addition, the food should be made more eye-catching, which can also form good eating habits.

In general, to create a relaxed and pleasant dining environment, develop good habits, can gradually love for the baby to lay a good foundation for eating.


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