Thirty nine days is the coldest time of the year. Both nature and human body are in the state of Yang Qi declining and Yin Qi flourishing. But at the same time, winter and March are also the seasons of “vitality lurking and Yang Qi accumulating”. After the winter solstice, the Yang Qi in the human body will gradually increase. If the medicine of xinsanwentong is applied to specific acupoints at this time, the immune function of the body can be increased, the disease can be prevented first, and the occurrence of winter disease can be reduced.

What kind of baby is Sanjiu paste suitable for?

Sanjiu acupoint application is suitable for many kinds of diseases which attack or aggravate in winter and relieve in summer. Children with asthma, allergic cough, recurrent respiratory tract infection, allergic rhinitis, chronic sinusitis, chronic pharyngitis, pneumonia and other diseases are suitable for application.

But if your baby has a fever of more than 38 degrees, or is extremely allergic to adhesive tape or drugs at ordinary times, or during the period of brand acute qiqiguan inflammation or pneumonia, it has cough, spitting yellow phlegm, fever, red tongue and other manifestations, and is not suitable for sticking Sanjiu acupoint sticking.

In addition, some unsuitable people, including pregnant women, AIDS, tuberculosis or other infectious diseases, diabetes, blood disease, malignant hypertension, serious cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, serious liver and kidney dysfunction, bronchiectasis, malignant tumor, acute attack or aggravation stage, strong allergic constitution, infectious diseases and so on, are not suitable for use 。

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