In autumn, the weather becomes more dryness, and the temperature difference between day and night is changing quietly. In this season changing season, children are more likely to have a cold and fever, and parents need to have more exercise.

Why do children tend to get sick during the season?

Temperature change

From autumn to winter, although the temperature will not suddenly drop, but the temperature difference between morning and evening in a little distance. This is the most horrible change you can’t detect, like boiling frogs in warm water, which gradually makes you lose your awareness of temperature changes. This is very easy to be attacked by viruses without being aware of themselves, thus getting sick.

Two, the child’s resistance is weak.

In addition to changes in temperature, children are also less resistant than adults and are more vulnerable to epidemic diseases, especially from more than a week to the start of the school season, increasing the chance for groups to infect each other and transmit various epidemic viruses. Mothers must take precautions against epidemic infectious diseases and vaccinate their children in time.

So, what should we do to make children less sick during the season?

1. eat less frozen foods.

In this season, we should prevent the disease from entering the mouth. Although it is autumn, the heat and heat of the day will make the child sweat.

At this time, their favorite is to open the refrigerator, eat ice cream and drink cold drinks, so that it is easy to catch cold, diarrhea, colds and other symptoms. Parents should check the children’s frozen foods and try to make them eat less.

2. pay attention to personal hygiene.

Children skipping around, playing with toys on their stomachs, coming back from school without washing their hands and so on will be infected with a large number of bacteria and viruses, if not washed in time, it is easy to enter the body to cause disease.

As parents, we should let children wash their hands for the first time. It is not only beneficial to children’s health, but also can play a positive role in the cultivation of children’s good hygiene habits.

3., stay away from allergens.

Some children are sick and may be exposed to allergens.

Season change, alternating heat and cool, some weeds in the air will spread bacterial spores and other allergenic substances, it is easy to lead to “autumn allergy,” dry skin itching, nose itching, sneezing, tears and other symptoms, serious breathing difficulties.

If the child has allergic symptoms, we must look for allergens, find allergens, as far as possible to relieve allergens, in order to prevent these symptoms.

4. drink more warm boiled water.

No mistake, that is to drink more water, preferably drink warm water, drink less ice water.

Dry autumn weather will make children dry mouth, skin water shortage, drinking more water in addition to moisturizing the throat, replenishing the loss of water, but also to promote metabolism, so that children less sick.

Children often play with a sweat, and then hold a glass of ice water to grunt into the stomach, which is more susceptible to cold, parents can not take it lightly.

It is best to prepare a thermos cup for the child and remind him to drink warm water in the thermos cup.

5. ensure adequate sleep.

As the saying goes, “sleepy spring and tired autumn,” autumn is a relatively easy to feel tired season, at this time to ensure adequate sleep is very important for health.

Children should develop the habit of going to bed early and getting up early. They can go to bed earlier at night and have a proper nap at noon to relieve their sleepiness.

6. proper exercise

It’s essential to have a strong body if you want to be less sick, so it’s important for your child to exercise properly.

Parents can encourage younger children to crawl more; older children can take them to swim, jog or play basketball at dusk.

It is normal for children to have a cold and fever during the season change. Don’t be too nervous about these minor illnesses and pains. They are actually beneficial to the enhancement and perfection of the baby’s immunity.

What parents need is careful observation and care for any abnormalities.


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