Foreign body type and elimination method

Tracheal foreign body:

When inhaling foreign matters through the trachea, let the child lie prone between his legs, with his head low and his feet high, and then slap it between his shoulder blades for 4 times. When slapping the back does not work, let the child lie on his back, clench his fist with one hand, put his thumb inward between the navel and xiphoid point, press his fist with the other palm, push it upward and inward rhythmically, so as to promote the lifting of the diaphragm, and force the foreign body with the air flow generated at the bottom of the lung to reach the mouth and eliminate it. If the child has suffocation, hold the abdomen with your hand, lower your head, tap the child’s back with your hand, and at the same time, stretch your fingers into your throat to find and take out the foreign body immediately, or press your fingers on the root of your tongue to make it produce vomiting reflex and make the foreign body vomit out.

Foreign body in ear canal:

1. Take the children to the dark place and use the light of flashlight or small lighting equipment to guide the insects out;

2. Use edible oil and drop 3-5 drops into your ears. After 2-3 minutes, tilt your head to one side, and the insects will generally flow out with the oil;


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