Often rub the eyes of the baby easy to cause astigmatism, leading to blurred vision in the future, because vigorously rubbing the eyeball, easy to cause changes in the radian under the cornea, so when looking at things, the light is difficult to focus on a focus, and then there is astigmatism.

Usually, the baby rubs the eyes because of eye allergy, inflammation, foreign body and other factors, causing eye itching or discomfort, or habitually rubbing eyes when crying and playing. Mother must stop it in time after finding out, because rubbing eyes often brings the following eye diseases:

1. Epidemic conjunctivitis, commonly known as “red eye disease”

The baby suffering from conjunctivitis, the white part of the eye looks obviously red, serious eyelids and eyelashes are bound together by secretions, when the baby feels itchy due to inflammation, he may constantly rub his eyes, thus aggravating the condition.

2. Obstruction of nasolacrimal duct

The function of nasolacrimal duct is like the downpipe of washbasin. The tears secreted in the lacrimal sac all the time flow through this tube to the nasopharynx cavity. If you find that your baby likes to scratch your eyes with your little hands soon after birth, one eye will always shed tears, and there will be a lot of eye droppings, which will probably form a nasolacrimal duct obstruction.


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