Niutoutian, 2 years old, was still fine in the morning, but in the afternoon, he suddenly had a high fever, which was 39.5 ℃. His family began to think it was a cold, so they took physical cooling measures at home, and gave Niuniu cold powder. His temperature soon dropped to 38.2 ℃. But he kept crying, didn’t eat or drink, and his mouth began to drool. A few hours later, the temperature of the cattle rose to 39.4 ℃. Parents feel that the situation is not right, to the hospital after the diagnosis is herpetic pharyngitis.

The specialist explained that herpetic pharyngitis in children is a special type of upper respiratory tract infection, which is caused by virus. It is transmitted through contact, fecal mouth and respiratory tract. The incubation period is 2-7 days. Symptoms are similar to cold, usually sudden high fever, runny nose, it is easy to be careless parents as a common cold and delay treatment.

It’s not difficult to distinguish. A typical symptom of herpetic pharyngobuccal inflammation is that in the palate, oral mucosa, tonsil, and posterior pharyngeal wall of the child, gray white herpes about the size of a grain of rice can be seen. There is a red halo around it. After 2-3 days, it gradually expands and forms an ulcer. Older children will cry mouth pain, younger children will not eat, do not eat, crying, drooling and so on.

Experts said that there are many specific incentives, mainly due to the recent hot weather, poor indoor air circulation, so that indoor air bacteria and viruses proliferate rapidly, into children’s respiratory tract and cause diseases.

But parents do not have to worry too much, it is a self limiting disease, the general course of disease in a week or so. If early discovery, the right medicine, children can recover quickly. The principle of treatment is antiviral treatment, antibiotics are ineffective.


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