The recent weather is really cloudy and sunny. It is hot and hot for a while. Such a changeable season for the immune-depressed baby, slightly negligent, cold will come to the door. Therefore, mothers are still prepared to prevent rainy days and keep their babies away from seasonal flu.

Attention should be paid to dry sweat in time. By the summer, the temperature is rising, the baby’s metabolism is faster, and a little activity can sweat. If sweat stays on the body for a long time, carelessly blowing or entering an air-conditioned room, it is likely to catch cold. So mothers can pad sweat towels or change clothes for their babies while they are doing their activities. They can change clothes at any time to keep their babies dry, especially if their backs are not damp enough to get into the wind, otherwise they will catch cold easily.

Rule of daily living. The daily routine is very important for babies. In fact, no matter whether the season changes, we should cultivate the regular routine habits of babies. If three meals irregular or overeating, late to bed late to get up or late to bed early to get up and so on are not conducive to the baby’s physical and mental growth, will also cause the baby to become angry and accumulate food and other phenomena, physical condition is not good, also easy to catch a cold.

Drink plenty of water. Drinking water can replenish the body’s moisture, especially when the baby sweats more, should also be timely replenishment of moisture, to avoid the lack of water caused by the heat (heatstroke and cold occur simultaneously). Moreover, if the baby has a slight viral colds, it can also detoxify itself by drinking plenty of water.

Ventilation and hygiene. It’s comfortable to turn on air conditioning in summer, but mothers should keep in mind that babies don’t spend too much time in air-conditioned rooms. They should open windows and ventilate every 1-2 hours. They should also pay attention to keeping home hygiene, cleaning air conditioning, and preventing virus breeding. And the baby’s own health work should also be done well, take the baby to wash his hands frequently, keep hygiene to reduce the chance of catching a cold.

If the baby accidentally changed into a cold, mothers do not need to worry too much, because every time the virus after a cold recovery is also in improving the baby’s resistance. Therefore, following the doctor’s treatment and the precautions mentioned above, I believe that the baby will soon recover.


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