In a residential area of Guiyang, an appalling “homicide” happened:

19-year-old college students rushed out to cut 5 knives on the head of a 2-year-old girl because of their bad communication with her father, which resulted in her invalid rescue and death.

When he was arrested, the 19-year-old murderer was calm and calm, with no remorse on his face. “I am not weak, I want to revenge society,” he shouted at the scene

Screenshot source: Weibo @ headline news

As soon as the incident happened, the public was in uproar, and netizens were angry and blamed.

The official account of the big V calls for attention to the psychological trauma caused by the epidemic and the importance of mental health. Although the words are reasonable, many netizens are still indignant:

It is understood that the mother of the child just came back from the front line of anti epidemic, and finally got together with the child, witnessed the child was brutally killed, on the spot stupefied, almost collapsed!

A 2-year-old child is playing with innocence and inexplicably suffers from such an inhuman disaster. At the thought of this scene, people feel unable to breathe. They wish they could kill the murderer quickly.

Le Ma understands the anger of netizens, and hopes that the law can severely punish the cruel murderer and make the children and their families fair.

At the same time, Le Ma also hopes that this event can give parents a wake-up call.

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All the time, the news of children committing suicide and killing people has never stopped. Often encountered, netizens mostly scold the children who commit suicide for their poor psychological tolerance, and the parents of the children who kill do not teach them well

That’s right, but in addition to rebuke and anger, maybe we should think about how to avoid similar tragedies. According to le Ma, we can attach importance to these three points:


Pay attention to children’s emotions

In parent-child education, the most common and risky sentence is “he is still a child”.

Because “still a child”, some parents, of course, do not pay attention to the child’s response / performance.

Children are unhappy, depressed and angry. They are all despised or ignored on the grounds of “children know what to feel sad or sad about” and “children’s nature of mind, just be angry for a moment, and then it will be better”.

Not only that, some parents also like to anger and stimulate their children. If a child is very concerned about something, the more parents like to talk about it everywhere until it causes a disaster.

The murderer in the above tragedy, of course, is stimulated because of his character defect, but also because of his unhappiness when communicating with his father.

If, at the beginning of his expression of impatience and anger, his father noticed and paid attention to it, could he avoid the tragedy that he rushed out of the door and cut people off?

If the father finds that he is not happy with his classmates and teachers, he will pay attention to his emotions. Can he reduce the possibility of violence?

We don’t know all this now, but it’s not a day. The sooner a child grows up, the sooner parents can find out their child’s emotions, and pay attention to their children’s emotions, the sooner they can heal the possible injuries caused by these emotions.


Pay attention to children’s character defects

Many parents will worry about whether their children’s growth is healthy and whether there are obstacles in their way to success:

For example, anxious children do not like to eat, eat vegetables, afraid of growth is not high, nutrition imbalance;

Anxious children are too introverted, shy, or too active, not focused;

How anxiety can help children overcome the fear of speaking / acting in public;

Anxious children don’t like reading, watching TV / playing games;

However, they seldom worry or pay attention to their “character defects”, such as swearing, hitting people, bullying people, being rude, not telling rules, being curious about sex, etc.

Le Ma doesn’t mean that parents don’t care, but most parents don’t care.

One of their most common words is: he is still a child, now he doesn’t understand, grow up well.

But many children with character defects, often in such a “tolerance” slowly develop habits, did not wait to grow up, there was an accident.

Many parents are shy to talk about their children’s character defects. First, they are good at face, don’t want others to have any bad views on themselves and their children. Second, they are lost in judgment because of love.

Even when other people remind them friendly, parents will be stimulated to be furious.

As a result, the little things that children don’t like eating are corrected as big things, while the big things that children like falling things are ignored to develop future troubles.

“There is a child of a friend who likes to throw things, toys, snacks and whatever she catches when she is angry. Mom Le once kindly reminded her colleagues that she was not happy with her. She was very dissatisfied: how is the child getting angry when he is so young.

When the child was seven years old, he was angry once, throwing a toy car out of the balcony and smashing it into the pedestrian below. Fortunately, my colleague lives on the 4th floor. The floor is not high and the pedestrians are not seriously injured. After paying for a medical fee, my colleagues finally went from worrying about their children’s interest class to worrying about how to change their children’s habit of losing things. “

Le Ma knows very well that every parent wants their children to be the most lovely, intelligent and kind-hearted angel, but in the process of growing up, children will be affected by various factors, resulting in some bad habits or character defects.

As soon as parents find out, they must pay attention to it and help their children to correct it step by step.

Correct the views and expectations of children, don’t be ashamed of their imperfections. This is a lesson that every parent must learn.

The murderer in the news is violent to hurt the weak, even the little girl who goes around the mother of the child. It can be seen that in his growth, there must be bullying, bullying, grumpiness, cruelty and other behaviors. If the parents attach importance to it since childhood, it is also possible to avoid this tragedy.


Attach importance to the life education of children

We have been instilled with a lot of “sacrifice education” from small to large. We praise teachers, doctors, scientists, sanitation workers, volunteers, brave people, heroes and so on.

We extol the rescuers who are determined to go retrograde in spite of their personal safety, the front-line workers who have left their families and insisted on their work, and the brave people who have been injured or even killed in order to save people

We praise so many heroes who died for their lives, but we fail to do a good job in “life education” for children.

Some netizens may say: we have, children’s textbooks have called for love life, cherish life content. It’s true, but life education is more than just a slogan.

The life education we need to do is for parents and teachers to tell their children over and over again that life is paramount, and other achievements, glories, difficulties, setbacks and so on are just small episodes;

Tell the child that life is only once and there is no possibility of regret;

Tell children that all living beings are equal, we should take good care of our bodies and respect other living bodies

It’s best to tell children what life is through some intuitive things!

For example, casualties in the news;

The birth of new babies and the death of old people;

When visiting museums, watching TV dramas, telling stories by chance, etc., or when children are injured accidentally, they can borrow their pain to deepen their feelings of life.

Do not casually, covertly say that cherish life. Treat life education, parents, please be serious.

Just like this epidemic, it is not to tell children that those who die are just numbers, but to tell them that those are living lives;

Those heroes who are praised are not symbols, but real ones who risk their lives to save others;

The growth process of children is also another growth process of parents. As long as you are patient with your children, correct your views and expectations of them, and attach importance to their character / life / physical and mental education, your children will not let you down.


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