When you wake up in the morning, why is the child drawing a map again? They are already 3 years old, or unable to control urination, often wet the bed, how to say it is useless, what can we do? Enuresis, as we often say, is called “nocturnal enuresis” and “nocturnal enuresis” in medicine. Generally speaking, it is normal for a child to wet the bed around 2 years old, and it is not normal for a child over 3 years old to wet the bed twice a month.

Reasons for enuresis

1. Delayed development of neuroregulatory system

The action of the human body is controlled by the nerve regulation system. If the brain function develops slowly, the control of the primary voiding center of the spine will be weaker, which will easily lead to the loss of control of the bladder and urethra and the symptoms of enuresis.

2. Delayed development of bladder function

Human urine is stored in the bladder. Bladder function is retarded and urine cannot be stored. In addition, children with incomplete urethral function or irritation, incomplete closure, unable to control the urine will lead to urine leakage from the bladder, urinary frequency, urgency, urine impurity and other symptoms.

3. Insensitivity to urination

Many children enuresis is during sleep, but it is not easy to wake up when they urinate during sleep, largely because the children are not sensitive to urination, or because of fatigue and excessive sleep caused bed wetting. If it is because of excessive fatigue, as long as the degree of fatigue of children can be reduced, there is no need to worry too much.

4. Incorrect voiding habits

Parents do not give scientific guidance to children’s urination, some are allowed to develop, and some are misguided. If children are forced to urinate when they do not want to urinate, or use paper diapers for a long time, or are forced to get up at night to urinate, these factors are easy to make children fear of urination, which is not conducive to the formation of good urination habits.

2. How to prevent and treat enuresis in children

1. Observe the time of urination

Children urinate regularly. Parents can observe their children’s night urination time. They can wake them up and urinate before they urinate, but they can’t force them to wake them up as gently as possible. Over time, they develop a good habit of regular urination.

2. Appropriate reduction of children’s drinking water before bed

Parents can consciously reduce the amount of water their children drink before going to bed. In particular, they should not give children too much drink and urinate before going to bed as much as possible. At the same time, don’t let children get too excited before bed, so as not to be too nervous in sleep and afraid of causing enuresis.

3. Scientific diet

Food should not be too salty, too salty will drink more water, urinate more, do not eat sweet, cold food, but also to keep away from spicy and stimulating food. In addition, eat corn, watermelon and other diuretic food should be moderate, not too much.

4. Cooperative medication

If it is enuresis caused by disease, it needs to cooperate with doctors for drug treatment. Of course, at the beginning, it can be corrected by massage, acupuncture and other means, but it is really not possible to use drugs.

Enuresis in children is related to unscientific voiding habits and disease factors after birth. Parents need to help children develop good voiding habits from an early age, distinguish whether enuresis is a habit problem or a disease problem, timely treatment, away from the urine!


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