If there is a father in the family who doesn’t unite with you on education and always fools around, is there a mother who would angrily think, ‘Kick him to death’.

Originally, there was a mischievous and disruptive child at home, enough to drive you crazy and crazy every day, and another ignorant and meddling father. At this point, you may become mentally disordered


On the road of education, it is impossible to prevent

Cheng Yaojin’s father killed halfway!

In addition to the small things that are usually spoiled, in many family education, when you educate them well and even the child realizes their mistakes and wants to correct them, he suddenly says, ‘Alright, it’s almost done, he’s just a child.’.

This kind of horizontal insertion will directly ruin your previous achievements in educating children!

So I often exclaim: I’m glad I’m tough enough not to be angry to death!

Looking at the daily lives of these good old dad and bear child, do mothers feel that the rhythm is clearly to drive people crazy?


When a child doesn’t eat, their mother usually tells them not to expect snacks. No matter how hungry they are, their mother won’t sympathize with them.

Dad: If you don’t eat, why do you have to force the child?

In fact, if Dad could hold back from speaking for a while, the child would have finished the last few bites of food.

Upon hearing this, the Monkey Spirit child immediately said, “Mom is a bad person, and she wants to hold me up to death.


The child threw toys all over the house, and the mother taught the child to tidy up after playing: when to tidy up and when to go to bed.

The child is actually tidying up, just muttering: ‘Let the baby be so tired, the baby is exhausted.’.

But at this moment, he said, ‘Forget it, baby. You go sit on the sofa and Dad will collect it.’.

From then on, whenever toys were scattered all over the ground, the children would never accept them again.


Children like to watch TV and play with toys while eating. My mother believes that eating is just eating, and we should not be distracted. We should focus on two things.

Every time my mother needs to turn off the TV, take away the toy and baby, and don’t do it, she cries and makes noise.

At this moment, the annoying father came again: Look, look, you have to eat obediently while watching. Or, let’s play and have a meal.

From then on, every meal was filled with TV toys, and even though my mother’s throat was broken, I hadn’t eaten a few bites of the meal for more than an hour.

So they made a big noise, a big noise, a big noise.

Such a situation makes the heart of a mother break down!

A little fart child’s daily routine may lead a normal mother to a state of mental disorder.

Every time I feel helpless when facing a child, I can’t help but want to shout to my father: ‘Follow me in step, you’ll lose a piece of meat.’.


This kind of paper tiger dad

Do you have the same model at home?

When a child makes a mistake——

Mom: Strict education, criticism and restraint!

Dad: That’s almost enough. You scared the child.

When a child is mischievous——

Mom: You’re too noisy, can you please calm down?

Dad: He’s still a child, how can a child not be mischievous?

Faced with such complex heartbreaking situations, even ‘divorce’ was thrown out.

As the saying goes, a newborn calf is not afraid of tigers. He is still young and doesn’t know how powerful his old mother is when she transforms into a tiger.

Dad is different. He knows that tigers can cause violence, but it can also be deadly. If the house is not peaceful, he cannot stay comfortably at home.

A good old dad may still realize the seriousness of the problem, because when a little emperor wants to demolish a house, he will also remember that it is time to take good care of it.

But the problem came again. When you signaled him to become a tiger dad and sing red faced, he pretended to scare the child a few times, and the soft whispers in his mouth had already betrayed him on his expression:

Be good and obedient. Look, Mom is angry. Wait for Mom to hit your little fart, Dad doesn’t care. Dad is also afraid of Mom, and Dad will be scolded.

Dad is really good at being a good person, and Mom is really bad at this house. Not only can’t educate the child, but the child always runs to Dad: Dad, save me, your wife is too bad. She always bullies me and your son.

Crazy, crazy, this big and small is really driving people crazy.

At this moment, my head was really hot, and I didn’t even need to bring my clothes. I had the urge to bang the door and run away from home.

This is not about educating children. It’s clear that your father and son are working together to bully my mother.

Look, look, this is how the family bully was born.


What should we use to save, mothers’ complaints?!

In terms of the despair of this roast, the mother group is also full of fire.

Confused body: Since having children, the family has never been harmonious. Dad is always the kind old man who attracts the hearts of the little people, and I have become the bad mother in the hearts of the little people. On the road of educating children, I am lonely and helpless, confused and sad.

Desperate Body: With Dad’s attitude, I can no longer discuss it. If I want him to take care of the child, I will be on the road to death every minute

Collapsed Body: So where is Dad? I clearly have an extra son, who should not only manage the minor but also prevent the major from making trouble. I am not roast, I am spraying feces (indignation).

In the family, many dads are used to being the hands-off shopkeeper. It doesn’t matter, can you just dump them all? Don’t push a pole every now and then, it will kill people. You don’t know how difficult it is to manage a bear child with explosive energy, and he almost didn’t demolish his house.

Dad, take a look. Have you taken advantage of all the following characteristics!!!

1、 Frequently having things to do and various blind commands;

2、 Likes to speak sarcastically, with an expression of standing and speaking without backache;

3、 I believe that I have participated in the child’s parenting education, but in reality, I am dragging my back and helping;

4、 Frequently absent, but occasionally forcefully implanted, blaming my mother’s educational style to brush off my sense of existence;

Educating children, mothers can be said to be doing their best.

So dad, when it comes to educating your child, you can be just a figurehead, but please give your mother a support at a critical moment: please keep your figurehead!

Finally, Le Ma presented a poem by a certain old mother (cursing the street), asking the fathers to understand its essence and become a qualified and good father.

If you live, live forever;

If you die, die well;

Don’t make trouble so easily!


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