Did the mothers find out that the baby likes to pull socks when he reaches a certain age, and just put them on the first second, then he is dragged down by the baby carelessly, playing in his hand and gnawing in his mouth, which is not a pleasure to have 65507

Looking at the baby with the socks just put on, mother is really angry and helpless. Sometimes watching the baby play so hot and happy, especially lovely, really do not want to disturb his interest, but the cold is afraid of the baby’s cold, so he rushed to put it on, and the baby continued to talk!

Why on earth do babies like pulling socks? Let’s talk about it today.

1. Playing, baby playing socks

As the baby grows up, he will be interested in everything around him. He likes to grab, pat and pull with his hands. Give him a toy, and he can play well for a long time. Socks are not surprising to adults, but they are very interesting toys for babies. They are pulled long while pulling socks, and then they can be pulled away from their feet. This action is very interesting for babies, so babies fall in love with pulling socks.

[How to do it]

If the baby takes off his socks, the mother will put them on immediately. The baby will feel more fun, as if the mother is playing games with him. So, when the baby is always pulling socks, it is better to give the baby a toy to divert his attention, and then put socks on the baby.

2. Babies want to be barefoot

When it comes to learning to walk, babies are curious about the new things under their feet and want to step on them to try. When he had no intention of taking off his socks, walking around barefoot was a novel experience for the baby. So whenever the baby has a chance, he likes to pull his socks.

[How to do it]

In autumn and winter, no matter what kind of material the ground is cooler, it’s easy for the baby to catch cold barefoot. Therefore, crawling mats can be laid to prevent the baby’s feet from getting cold.

3. Socks are not comfortable to wear

Another important reason is that the baby feels uncomfortable. In summer, the baby is barefoot, the little foot has always been in an unrestrained state, suddenly give the baby wear socks, will make him feel bound.

And many mothers like to buy beautiful socks with complicated patterns for their babies, which really sprouts. However, the more complex the patterns are, the more threads in the socks, and the baby will feel his little feet chapped, and the dangerous meat will be caught.

[How to do it]

It is suggested that when buying socks for babies, mothers should give priority to comfort, choose cotton material, and there should be no wired head in the socks, so that babies can wear comfortable socks, so that they will not often pull and pull socks.

4. Babies coquettish for attention

Adults always like to put their babies on the bed or chair when they are busy, so that the baby feels particularly bored, and he will use the things around him to get the attention of adults. In winter, pulling socks is a good way to show off. He knows that his mother will come after pulling socks, so he seeks her attention in this way.

[How to do it]

Babies are afraid of crying when they can’t see their mothers for a moment. Therefore, mothers should accompany their babies more. Even if they can’t always hold their babies, they should keep themselves in their eyes and let their babies sit in chairs and play with toys so that their babies can see their mothers and not cry.


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