Like this, 2012 is almost over and entering the last month. But not long ago, many baby dragons were born and ushered in a year of childbearing climax. No matter whether the prophecy of the end of the world is true or not, when the child is born, the mother has to worry about her growth every day. Which mother’s behavior does the baby dislike most?

I. bomb mother

Performance: like a time bomb, it will detonate when the baby is noisy or disobedient

“I also manage more than a dozen people in the company. I can’t even manage a child when I get home. I feel very frustrated, irritable and very irritable. My friends say that I have a bad temper when they see me. My husband often says that I am a stepmother.” more and more post-80s are promoted to be mothers. If the children are noisy or disobedient, they will be “furious” and have the slightest disturbance, Will get angry.

Many working mothers rush between units, kindergartens and homes every day, in a state of “war”. Work is the same as work, even busier. Post-80s mothers are more likely to be upset.

Solution: mother, stop being a stepmother and a bomb mother. In addition to mastering the balance of the game with her children, she should also learn to adjust her emotions. It’s not surprising that irritability occurs. You might as well write down your troubles and solve them one by one. Communicate your thoughts and feelings with your husband to get his support. It’s also good for the family to go outdoors on weekends.

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