When it comes to oral problems, most people don’t take it as an important thing. But in fact, many diseases of the body may be related to oral problems. There are more than 700 kinds of bacteria in the mouth, some of which may be closely related to heart disease. Therefore, paying attention to oral problems is of great benefit to health. Recently, Yueji magazine published an article to tell the readers about the oral knowledge they should know most.

1. Brushing time shall not be less than 2 minutes. Brush for at least 2 minutes, at least twice a day and every three months.

2. Oral cancer is one of the most deadly cancers. People often ignore the oral mass or blister, which may lead to oral cancer and other serious problems. Therefore, no matter how small those signs are, they should be treated in time once they are found.

3. before you see a doctor, wipe lipstick or lipstick. Otherwise, it will rub on the doctor’s gloves, even dirty the teeth and gums, affecting the doctor’s color diagnosis.

4. Exercise can also cause tooth problems. Strenuous exercise may lead to dehydration and weaken the function of saliva to prevent oral diseases. In this way, the risk of tooth decay and bacteria accumulation will increase. And many sports drinks contain unexpected sugars and acids that can damage your enamel.

5. Oral cavity indicates general health. The mouth affects every other part of the body. If there is a problem with the gums, then the heart disease rate is 4 times higher than the average person. If the first molar is relatively short and has pain from time to time, there is a problem with digestion.


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