Accidents are inevitable in life. When a child experiences an emergency, parents should implement correct self rescue measures while waiting for an ambulance, which can often alleviate the child’s condition and lay the foundation for further treatment by doctors, thereby reducing disability and mortality rates. And for the 10 common critical moments mentioned in this article, where should we go? Proper self rescue is necessary, but the premise is that you must know in advance what to do after a certain situation occurs.

Here is the correct method for you:

1、 Baby suffers from gas poisoning

1. Immediately move the child to an outdoor area with good air circulation,

2. Remove the vomit or fluid from the child’s mouth, tilt the head to one side to prevent the vomit from obstructing the respiratory tract and causing suffocation.

3. If both breathing and heartbeat have stopped, immediately perform artificial respiration and chest compressions on site.

2、 Early self rescue of babies after electric shock

1. Cut off the power supply. Do not use your hands or damp objects to directly contact children and the power supply. You can use a dry wooden stick, bamboo pole, or plastic object to turn off the power supply or pull or remove the wires that come into contact with children, or immediately turn off the power switch or turn off the main switch.

2. Injured children should lie flat and rest to avoid excessive movement.

3. For those who have stopped breathing or heartbeat, immediate cardiac compression and mouth to mouth artificial respiration should be performed.

3、 How to use self rescue when a baby has a fever and convulsions

l. Do not cry loudly or shake the child, and do not feed water or medication.

2. Let the child lie down quietly, with their head tilted to one side and their collar loosened.

3. Wrap bamboo chopsticks with cloth between the upper and lower teeth to prevent biting the tongue.

4. You can use your nails to pinch the middle acupoint to stop spasms.

5. If there is a high fever, a cold and damp towel can be placed on the child’s forehead, or 30% alcohol can be used to wipe the armpit, back, head and neck, and inner side of the thigh root 2-3 times.

4、 How to save oneself when a baby has head and neck injuries

1. The child should lie flat and try not to move. If it is necessary to move, several people must lift the child flat at the same time, gently lifting and handling, and be very careful.

2. If a neck fracture is suspected, a towel or clothing can be placed around the neck for fixation to prevent neck movement.

3. Comatose individuals should raise their lower jaw upwards to keep their respiratory tract unobstructed.

4. When vomiting, turn your face to one side and remove vomit from your mouth to avoid blocking your throat.

5. Cold towels or ice cubes can be applied to the impact area.

6. If there is bleeding, a clean cloth can be used to compress and stop the bleeding; Nose and ear bleeding, do not stuff, just wipe off the blood.


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