We often see parents running all over the street chasing their children for food. We see children lose their temper when facing food and turn away. We will also see the food sent to the baby’s mouth spit out hard. These biased and picky babies give their parents a headache. They can’t do it in many ways? Today, let’s take a look at the method I introduced!

I. the baby’s partial and picky eating performance

Some parents see that the baby has a bad appetite and doesn’t like eating for a day or two, so they are very anxious and think they have something wrong. This is a parent who does not fully understand the baby’s partial and picky eating performance. Babies who are partial to food and picky about food will generally be like the following:

1. When eating, just take two bites and don’t eat.

2. Only eat certain kinds of food, and your table has to repeat those kinds of things every day.

3. He said to eat this. When you are ready, he changed his mind to eat that.

4. You must try your best to chase, coax and threaten him to eat.

If so, there will be a standard small picky eater in your family. Don’t worry and have a headache. Parents should master different tricks for picky eaters.

Second, to deal with the baby’s partial eclipse picky trick

Trick 1: relax

1-3-year-old baby’s diet is not very stable. Parents can observe the baby’s average daily intake for many days. If the baby doesn’t eat good food these two days, don’t worry. He will eat more tonic in the next two days.

Trick 2: be firm without coercion

If the baby doesn’t eat because the food doesn’t suit his appetite, his parents can take the food away and let him wait for the next meal. Don’t give snacks between meals, so that he can understand that only a good meal can fill his stomach. When the baby performs well, encourage him. Slowly, the baby will gradually develop good habits.

Trick 3: sit together as a family

The atmosphere of eating together is very infectious. If you eat with relish, he will slander. At the beginning, there should be one or two foods he likes to eat on the table. Gradually, the baby will accept a variety of foods.

Trick 4: cultivate new tastes

The baby only eats one kind of food he likes every day, which will cause malnutrition. We need to cultivate his new interest in food. You can choose one of the three meals as his favorite food, while the other two meals choose other food. On the one hand, the baby’s habits have been met. Choosing one of the two foods you don’t like will not cause his disgust. No matter which one you choose, it is a new attempt and gratifying progress.

Trick 5: make a game skillfully

See who eats fast? Bite the cake into a crescent to see who has fewer beans on the plate. Although they are all indiscriminate tricks, they are very effective, especially for babies under the age of three.

Trick 6: make good use of cover

Mix the food your baby likes and dislikes. For example, if you don’t eat vegetables but like dumplings, wrap the vegetables in the dumplings. If you like soup, cook it in the soup. I don’t like fruit, but I like yogurt. I mix fruit and yogurt to make salad. If you don’t like calcium tablets, find some chewable tablets with unique shape and fruit taste, such as children’s diqiaowei D chewable tablets. Remember, at first, you can put less food you don’t like, and then gradually increase it.

Trick 7: don’t give him too much

The child’s stomach capacity is very small. A plate full of food will be full. Just make sure they have enough to eat.

Trick 8: please come and help me

When preparing meals, let your children be your little assistant, which is also a way to cultivate their interest in food.

Trick 9: reduce the purchase of sweets

Although sweets will affect the baby’s health, the baby just likes to eat. What you have to do is first reduce the purchase of sweets. Secondly, try to buy sweets with high nutrition. Third, you should specify the amount of sweets for your baby, tell them how many snacks they can eat a day, and let them choose when to eat them.

Trick 10: remember three don’t

The food piece should not be too big. It’s best to let the baby swallow it in one bite. Don’t rush, some babies eat slowly. Don’t give your baby too much milk and juice, otherwise he will be full without eating.

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