Tooth decay is caused by the residual sugar in the mouth after bacterial decomposition to produce acidic substances, which slowly corrode the teeth. Children who are in mixed dentition stage are sensitive and high incidence of oral diseases. There are many uneven “pits” on their newly sprouted permanent teeth. Dental plaque and food residue accumulate in this hidden environment, which is easy to cause tooth decay.

Oral experts pointed out that 20 minutes after meals and snacks is the golden time to protect oral health, and the current school-age children mainly brush their teeth in the morning and evening, which can not meet this need. Chewing sugar free gum can stimulate saliva secretion, maintain oral acid-base balance, and avoid acid damage to teeth within 20 minutes after meals and snacks. Relevant studies have shown that chewing sugar free chewing gum in the first minute, saliva secretion can reach 12 times of normal, chewing sugar free gum after meals, can stimulate saliva secretion increase, speed up the flow.

However, experts also remind that proper chewing sugar free gum is only a part of protecting teeth. To really have a healthy tooth, it is necessary to develop a good habit of tooth cleaning.

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