At present, the school age of children in our country is 6.5 years old, so children before 0-6.5 years old are preschool children. The growth rate of preschool children is amazing. The growth and development of children in this period is regular and orderly, but malnutrition will hinder the development of the body.

Suitable food

1. Choice of staple food and beans: japonica rice, indica rice, purple rice, wheat flour, oats, mung beans, red beans, black beans, tofu and other bean products.

2. Selection of meat, egg and milk: pig lean meat, spareribs, beef, chicken, duck meat, pig liver, crucian carp, hairtail, eel, loach, shrimp, shrimp skin, egg, beef, etc.

3. Choice of vegetables: carrot, potato, spinach, cabbage, green pepper, pumpkin, cucumber, bean sprout, kelp, black fungus, sweet potato, tomato, green vegetable, etc.

4. Fruit selection: apple, banana, orange, watermelon, peach, Hami melon, mango, dragon fruit, etc.

5. Others: peanuts, pistachios, walnuts, almonds, etc.

Diet taboo

1. Avoid overeating, reading and joking when eating.

2. Avoid rotten food.

3. Avoid eating too much sweet and cold food, such as chocolate and ice cream, and drink less carbonated drinks.


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