Many parents mistakenly believe that deciduous teeth are unimportant, but when the baby changes teeth, and did not pay attention to the process, resulting in frequent baby teeth problems. If you have a wrong idea about your baby’s teeth from the start, it may affect the next steps. Deciduous teeth are not well protected, changing teeth is easy to cause problems, resulting in permanent teeth are not good, and even grow up after the appearance may be affected. Therefore, parents should pay attention to their children’s teeth and urge their children to brush their teeth and protect their teeth.

Mother: My Dabao has two teeth that haven’t come out long after they fall. Several of them have been decayed. Alas, it took him thousands of dollars to have them repaired recently. It took him several times to get them repaired. Dabao is always picky and eats very slowly. He never brushes his teeth so badly that he has more problems with his teeth. I heard that improper dental care, but also may affect the appearance of children, it really makes people worry!

In order to give your child a healthy tooth, parents should pay attention to the following five points during their child’s tooth replacement:

Key points 1. Is early tooth loss or retention?

The deciduous teeth fall off in a certain time and order. The deciduous teeth fall off before they fall off. This phenomenon is premature loss of deciduous teeth. This often causes the adjacent teeth on both sides to fall off to the position of deciduous teeth tilt, thus affecting the eruption of permanent teeth, making permanent teeth because of the position is not enough and long crooked. At this point, parents should take their children to the hospital to make a gap holder, to make enough space for permanent teeth, so that permanent teeth can grow correctly.

Deciduous teeth do not fall off when they fall off. This phenomenon is the retention of deciduous teeth. This will cause permanent teeth to not erupt in the right place. Children begin to change their teeth when they are 5 to 7 years old. The order of tooth loss is usually the lower incisor, the upper incisor, the lower incisor and the upper incisor. If deciduous teeth remain, the most common is that the lower anterior permanent teeth will grow inside the deciduous teeth, and the upper anterior permanent teeth will grow outside the deciduous teeth. If parents encounter such a situation, they should immediately take their children to the hospital to remove retained deciduous teeth, so that permanent teeth can grow correctly.

Point 2. Is there any difficulty in erupting permanent teeth?

If the child arrives at the age of changing teeth and the permanent teeth do not grow out, parents should pay attention to this time, should take the child to see a doctor, if necessary, incision part of the gum to help the permanent teeth erupt. Permanent teeth may be difficult to erupt because of supernumerary teeth, odontoma, dental cysts, etc., at this time need to see a doctor as soon as possible.

If the baby’s deciduous teeth fall off prematurely, the child will be accustomed to eating with gums chewing, licking, which will make the gums become thick, hindering the eruption of permanent teeth. In addition, calcium deficiency is also an important reason for the eruption of permanent teeth. At this time, parents need to give their children calcium supplements, can give their children to eat calcium tablets or cod liver oil, but also can take their children to the outdoor sun.

Point 3, tooth malocclusion will affect appearance.

When a child changes his teeth, the deciduous teeth fall off and the permanent teeth erupt. At this time, the jaw bone develops and the occlusal relationship is gradually established. But sometimes the change of teeth is not so smooth, there will be temporary malocclusion, which will gradually adjust in the process of tooth development and self-recovery. Parents need not worry too much.

However, not all malocclusion can be adjusted and restored by itself. If the upper lip frenulum position is too low and the upper anterior teeth space is too large, so that the malocclusion caused by tooth replacement can not be restored by themselves, then parents must not take it lightly, this malocclusion will affect the child’s appearance, should immediately go to the hospital for treatment.

Key 4, eat more chewable foods when changing teeth.

When children change their teeth, most parents think that giving them soft food is good for their children to change their teeth smoothly. Retention of deciduous teeth will affect the smooth eruption of permanent teeth, deciduous teeth will not “give way”, forcing permanent teeth have to grow from the inner side of deciduous teeth, thus forming a “double-decked teeth”, which will result in irregular tooth alignment.

One reason for the retention of deciduous teeth is that the food eaten by children is too fine. “Soft” food is not conducive to giving full play to the physiological stimulation of teeth. The main function of teeth is to chew food. If children are always given “soft” food, the chewing function of teeth will decline, which is not conducive to tooth change. Masticatory food can promote the growth and development of deciduous teeth and absorb and fall off naturally. Therefore, children should eat more chewy food when changing teeth, such as chewing more fruit and other “hard” to maintain a good stimulation on deciduous teeth, prompting deciduous teeth to fall off on time.

Key 5, correct children’s bad habits

In the period of changing teeth, deciduous teeth and permanent teeth coexist, permanent teeth just erupted, especially as the “key to occlusion” of the “six-year-old teeth”, large size, more dental pits and grooves, so that it is easy to leave some food residue in it, and the child brushing teeth are generally not standardized, easy to sloppy things, so often prone to caries. Parents need to teach their children how to brush their teeth properly. Brushing your teeth is an effective way to protect your teeth. Children should pay attention to it.

In addition, in the replacement period, deciduous teeth loose will soon fall off, at this time the child will often use the tongue to lick the loose teeth, which may disrupt the occlusal relationship between the teeth, affect the normal eruption of permanent teeth, making the teeth after replacement irregular arrangement. Parents should correct their bad habits in time and educate them not to lick loose teeth with their tongue.

Parents are also responsible for children’s problems with their teeth. Permanent teeth grow after changing teeth will accompany the child’s life. During changing teeth, parents should play a good guardian role, attach importance to the child’s teeth problems, help the child develop a good habit of caring for teeth, and let the child have a good tooth, which is the beginning of a good appearance.


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