Secret number one: be sure to put on your baby’s underwear

Soft cotton underwear can not only absorb sweat, but also keep the air around the skin, thus blocking the loss of body heat, not easy to make the baby cold and sick.

Secret 2: dress appropriately, don’t wear too much

If you wear too much, once the baby is active, he will sweat more than once, and his clothes will be soaked with sweat, but he will catch cold. The baby less than 6 months should pay attention to wear more clothes when going out in cold weather. To judge whether the baby’s clothes are suitable or not, you can often touch his small hands and feet. As long as they are not cold, their bodies are warm.

Secret script 3: give the baby a light cotton padded jacket

Cotton padded clothes are windproof and warm. They can keep out the cold more than wearing a few thick clothes, and they are flexible and convenient. The thick coat does not have more space to absorb warm air, and the wind resistance is OK, but the cold insulation is much worse than the small cotton padded clothes.

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Page 1: attention to dressing

Page 2: choosing clothes

Page 3: mouth and neck care


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