How to be a good father? Some people say, give your love, you will be a good father. Is that all? Love is an instinct. Which father doesn’t love his children? The most important thing is not whether you love, but how you love, the right way of love, the right idea of love.

Don’t think it’s enough for a father to work hard outside and let his baby live a carefree life. Dad is the idol of every child. When you hold the baby’s hand, walking on the road, looking at each other in the smile, do you see the adoration in the baby’s eyes? A baby can’t live without a father. So, to be a real idol, a real father, try these seven ways, or you’ll be inspired.

No 1: careful doctor and bodyguard

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It is common for children to have accidental injuries at home, such as hitting the corner of a table, being cut by something, scalding hot water, choking when eating, etc. these potential dangers can be prevented or taken proper care to reduce the injuries. Men are more able to deal with emergencies calmly and rationally, so fathers should play the role of family doctors.

When the child begins to crawl, the father should have a general physical examination of the family environment to change the environment or objects that may cause potential harm to the child, such as putting away the too long tablecloth, wrapping the sharp corner of the table with cloth, not using folding tables and chairs, installing small doors at the kitchen door, etc. Father should prepare family medical first aid kit, put some thermometer, antipyretic, gauze, ointment and other general medical or first aid supplies. Father should also learn common first aid knowledge, set up a clear set of procedures and Practice for common emergency injuries.

When a child is young, he may tell his mother what happened immediately, but when the baby grows up, he is looking for his father. Because the father in the heart of the child is worth relying on, so, as a father, we should exercise ourselves well, do a good job, do a good job as a bodyguard, do a good job as a doctor.

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Page 1: careful doctor and bodyguard

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