Nose picking area

The worst thing is: it’s disgusting to watch the child pick his nose and then eat his hand. Although he may not get sick after eating runny nose, picking his nose will bring trouble – the nasal mucosa in his nostrils is the first stop of bacterial infection.

How to stop it in time: diverting children’s attention is usually an effective way. Give him a toy, a book, or something that keeps his hands busy. Also, explain to your child that picking your nose is bad for spreading bacteria. In addition, parents need to take paper towels with them for their children to wipe their noses at any time.

Prevention: try to keep the surrounding air moist. If you reduce the number of itching children’s nostrils, you will reduce the chance of children picking their nose. Prepare some Vaseline oil, or other nasal drops, and use it once when your child’s nostrils are dry. If the climate is dry, or if you live in a dry area for a long time, prepare a humidifier in your child’s room so that the nasal mucosa is often dry.

Drink bath water

The worst thing is: the bath water with bath liquid is far more worrying than the dirt on the bathtub. If a child drinks a few big bath foam, he will probably have diarrhea.

How to stop it: if a child wants to eat a foam bath because he is boring, he can give him some toys to play in the bath. If he is 3 years old or older, you can tell him what these sticky bubbles in the bathtub are when he takes a bath. When he understands, he will no longer drink and play. Most children do.

Take precautions: will your child drink bath water because he is thirsty? In order to avoid this situation, it is best to give the child a cup of clean water in time for him to drink.


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