The baby always has a high enthusiasm for the game, the game is the baby’s first textbook. Baby can gain experience in the game, gradually develop their intelligence, exercise a variety of abilities, and more applied to later life. Therefore, parents should encourage their children to play games.

1. Perceptual games

Perception is the baby’s eyes, nose, tongue and other senses to distinguish objects of different shapes, such as touching and guessing things with hands, tasting condiments with tongue, and identifying sounds with ears

Since childhood, you can let your baby have more contact and exercise all kinds of senses. For example, let the baby appreciate or identify pictures with images and background to understand the world.

2. Play games

Many babies are always happy with family games. Parents can provide him with some items, such as an airplane toy. He will imagine flying birds when flying in the air; give him some doctor props, and he will act as a doctor to see a doctor, and even pull up children to play various characters to enhance the feelings of the children.

3. Solitaire

Even if the baby does not understand a lot of words, it can also play Solitaire, which depends on the shaping of the scene by parents. For example, let the baby imagine who there are in the kindergarten: teacher → children → parents; for example, what animals are in the zoo: rabbit → elephant → lion, etc., properly guide and spread the baby’s thinking.

4. Hide and seek game

You may as well hide the items in a corner of the home, or let the baby find out the specified items in the picture, or let the baby find out the articles or words that he needs in the newspaper, or the parents and the baby play hide and seek, hide in a corner of the home for the baby to find, etc., which can make the baby familiar with things faster.

5. Painting game

Many babies have great interest in painting, from the beginning of graffiti to drawing graphics, which will give the baby a lot of self-confidence. And painting can often express the baby’s emotions and feelings. Parents can properly join in, so that the baby can feel the harmony between parents and children, and enjoy the joy of their own creation.

6. Observe the game

Baby is very good at observation, you can let him observe the growth of saplings, or the germination of soybeans and sweet potatoes; observe the changes of shadows at different times of the day; observe the changes of human expression, etc., so that the baby can understand the mystery of creation and human activities.

Early education can start from the baby game, so that the baby in the game to obtain intelligence development, grow into a healthy and intelligent baby.


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