Spring is coming! Spring blossoms, birds and flowers, sweep the cold wind and cold, everything is bleak. Spring back to the earth, it is a good time to take your baby out to enjoy flowers, find a spring and Jingming weekend, take your baby to spring! Although the spring is tantalizing, it can not be careless. Keep your baby warm, avoid pollen allergies, prepare medicines for occasional use, don’t overwork your baby, and don’t let him sit on the wet grass. In the spring, bring the baby to enjoy the flowers.

Chun and Jing Ming. Keep warm with your baby.

Spring and Jingming, even if the sun is warm, mothers still need a lot of heart to do a good job to keep warm for the baby, especially in spring is warm and cold, the temperature difference between day and night is relatively large, go out, mothers may as well give the baby ready to replace clothes and bring a small coat.

Some active babies like to play with their children outdoors, always full of sweat when playing, so when going out to play, the mother is advised to put a good water absorption on the baby’s back in advance a thin towel, if necessary to change a small underwear, so that the baby is not so easy to catch cold.

Spring flowers and baby flowers to avoid pollen allergy.

In the spring season, pollen, plant powder, etc. are easy to cause allergies, especially in some allergic baby, once contact with pollen, it is easy to cause respiratory tract, digestive tract, skin allergies and other phenomena. The baby’s allergic reaction is mainly caused by the rich protein in the pollen, if it is allergic rhinitis caused by pollen, usually for sneezing, nose itching, runny nose; if it is skin allergy, then the face and neck will appear erythema, itching, dermatitis, face swelling, more serious will also cause asthma Coughing.

In addition to less allergic baby in spring to pollen more places, you can also do the following to avoid pollen allergy:

1, put your baby on long trousers, try to avoid exposure to the body and pollen.

2, before going to see flowers, put a mask on your baby or a scarf.

3, do not put flowers on the baby’s head at will, or hold the baby to smell before the flowers.

4. After enjoying the flowers, you can take a bath for your baby, or wash your hands and face, clean your nose and change into clean clothes.

Bright spring. Bring flowers to your baby to prepare some medicine.

When spring comes back to earth, it is better to take some medicine with your baby outside to prepare for a rainy day. If the baby is allergic, prepare some desensitizing drugs, such as diphenhydramine, chlorpheniramine, etc. to play in the flowers and plants, give the baby a good spray of mosquito repellent water in advance to avoid mosquito bites; if the baby is susceptible to gastrointestinal problems, it is also best to give He prepares some medicine for stomach and intestines to avoid indigestion or diarrhea. Careful mother is well prepared. When she is in a small situation, she will not be in a hurry.

Spring is full. Enjoy the flowers with your baby. Don’t work too hard.

When spring is full, some babies always play crazy, especially when they have fun with other children. But mother should pay more attention to it. Don’t let the baby play too tired! The best time to play outdoors with the baby agreed in advance, play to about half an hour to let the baby rest for a while, sit down to drink or something, do not let the baby have been playing crazy.

Babies play too crazy during the day, often still in the excitement at night, so the baby is not easy to fall asleep, even if sleep is also easy to wake up or have many dreams, affecting the quality of sleep. Especially after the holidays, it is difficult for the baby to adjust over a period of time, easy to affect the mental state of the next few days. So the mother still should pay attention to, do not let the baby overwork, holidays in addition to playing should also pay attention to rest well.

Don’t sit on the ground with your baby.

When the spring is exciting, many parents like to let their baby kiss nature, and then let the baby sit with themselves. Insects are beginning to spring in the spring, and mosquitoes may catch the baby. In addition, spring is wet, grass humidity is also easy to let the baby suffer from dampness and disease, so try to avoid sitting directly on the grass yo! Mom can prepare waterproof and moisture-proof picnic cloth in advance, laid before the baby play on it.

Spring to take your baby out to enjoy flowers, both to increase the child’s knowledge, but also to enhance the feelings of parents and children, can be said to be a lot of benefits. But, spring weather is changeable, and pollen allergy is high incidence, baby date spring, flower must be careful and careful, do a good job of protection, to have fun, but also to play healthy.


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