Once the baby has a fever, the first thing the mother does is to take her temperature. At present, there are many kinds of thermometers available on the market, and the measuring parts are also different. So which one is the most suitable for children?

“It’s most important to take your baby’s temperature safely and accurately.” Dong Lijuan, director of infection management department of Beijing Children’s Hospital, told reporters that from the perspective of thermometer material, it can be divided into four types: glass mercury thermometer, electronic thermometer, infrared thermometer and chemical punctuation. There are five parts of the body that can be used to measure body temperature, namely, armpit, forehead, ear canal, mouth and rectum. The temperature measured by each thermometer is different, and the temperature of different parts also has different fever standards.

Glass mercury thermometer is the most accurate. The traditional glass mercury thermometer can measure not only the temperature of armpit, but also the temperature of mouth and rectum. “If it is used to measure the temperature of the mouth or rectum, it is necessary to give the child a special watch, and use alcohol to disinfect before and after use.” Dong Lijuan said. Axillary temperature is usually over 37 ℃ as fever, while oral and rectal fever is over 38 ℃ (over 37.5 ℃ for older children). It should be noted that for children under 5 years old, it is not recommended to measure the oral and rectal temperature, because the child is too small, and the thermometer is easy to be bitten in the mouth, which will not only hurt the child, but also cause more harm to the child. When measuring rectal temperature, it is difficult to grasp the strength and the depth of insertion, which is also dangerous.

Electronic thermometer should be calibrated frequently. The electronic thermometer is easy to use, the measurement time is short, and the results can be obtained in about 1 minute, which is more suitable for children who love to move. But this kind of product also has a problem, that is, it needs to be calibrated frequently. For families that can’t do this, the most important thing is for parents to master the basic body temperature measured by this body temperature. For example, the normal body temperature of a child is 36.5 degrees Celsius, but the basic body temperature of an electronic thermometer is 37 degrees Celsius, so as long as the child does not exceed this temperature every day, it is normal.

Infrared ear canal thermometer is not suitable for infants. The infrared ear canal thermometer is similar to the electronic thermometer, except that it measures the temperature of the ear canal. If the temperature exceeds 37 ℃, it is considered as fever. “It needs to be reminded that ear canal temperature measurement is not recommended for infants under 3 months old, because the children’s ear canal is delicate, and it will hurt the children if it is not done well.” Dong Lijuan said.

The infrared thermometer is greatly affected by the ambient temperature. The forehead thermometer measures the temperature of the forehead. Theoretically speaking, it is also a fever above 37 ℃. Although it is convenient to measure the forehead temperature, it is greatly affected by the ambient temperature. For example, if you just come back from outside in winter, the forehead temperature must be very low; if you just finish exercise in the sun in summer, the forehead temperature will be higher.

Forehead temperature stick temperature measurement is not specific. Liquid crystal forehead thermometer products belong to the chemical punctuation thermometer, directly pasted on the child’s forehead, about 1 minute, it will show the temperature change through the color change. But this kind of thermometer can not display the accurate temperature, it can only provide a general range, and it is disposable, so it is not recommended to use.


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