The temperature in winter is very capricious. The cold air is known in batches, and the temperature often plunges. It’s winter, and many children are “recruited” to get sick. The reason why children get sick is very simple. It is often because of the sudden drop in temperature, cold, or improper lifestyle. So, how to make the baby less sick this winter? Parents, hurry to learn!

1. Cover less and chase less

As the saying goes, “if you want children to be safe, you should be hungry and cold!” Some old people like to “cover their children” and “chase their children”. The so-called cover is to be afraid of their children’s cold and cold. They dress their children one after another in winter. In fact, as long as the child can walk and the amount of activity goes up, there is no need to cover the child too tightly and too much. Once a child’s activity increases, he will sweat. If he sweats for a long time, he will sweat cold. This is also an important reason why children are often weak and easy to catch a cold. Some parents are afraid that their children will not have enough to eat, so they chase their children and feed them one mouthful after another. This practice is also incorrect. The child’s intestines and stomach are small. The days are short in winter and the nights are long. Once the child’s intestines and stomach are overloaded, there will also be gastrointestinal burden, causing dyspepsia and various conditions.

2. Take less children to dense places

When winter comes, take less children to crowded places with poor air circulation. For example, in large shopping malls and supermarkets, poor air circulation is the place where bacteria are most likely to occur. Every time my girl went to the supermarket when she was a child, she came back with fever. After repeated several times, it finally attracted my attention. After taking her to the supermarket, the chick rarely has the symptoms of cold and runny nose.


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