Another year the college entrance examination came to an end. On the eve of this year’s college entrance examination, the appearance of this news made many netizens feel shocked and angry.

An 18-year-old boy, who was found to have secretly photographed a girl in the women’s toilet, jumped home and died.

The boy is a junior in a secondary school in Wuhan, and he will take the college entrance examination in nine days.

As for why they jump, we should start from June 28.

That day, he was secretly photographed in the female toilet of the school. The girl was found crying and ran to the security department. After investigation and monitoring, it was confirmed that it was him.

This kind of bad behavior is very harmful to the girl’s psychology, and the girl requests to call the police. But considering that the police would affect the student’s future, after all, they will take the college entrance examination in a few days. Finally, the negotiation decided to let him go home and take his parents to apologize.

Under the teacher’s understanding, the boy admitted that he was secretly taking pictures in the women’s toilet and wrote a guarantee, deleting the video and ensuring that the video was not allowed to flow out.

But what did he do when he got home?

After staying at home for about 10 minutes, he ran downstairs to take out the garbage, and then he went directly up to the 30th floor and jumped down to death.


Students’ problems, in the final analysis, are the problems of parents

We don’t know what happened in these ten minutes and how many mental struggles he had experienced in his heart. But he chose to commit suicide to escape the consequences of this incident. He was in vain as a son of man and wasted all his years of study.

He’s good. He’s dead, but the school and the girl who was photographed are abused. What’s more, his parents are not fuel-efficient lamps.

Parents know this matter, after meeting the teacher, they slapped the head teacher and insulted him for three hours. They also claimed 2 million yuan from the school?

Why do such parents still have the face to ask for compensation?

The reasons given by the parents are jaw dropping——

“I don’t accept it. That’s right. He jumped out of the building for no reason

“He must have been stimulated at school, didn’t he?”

In order to think about the future of their children, the school did not call the police, but now parents take this to bite back.

From the video, the school’s handling of this matter is no problem, the only problem is that the student later went to jump.

“The son does not teach, the father’s fault”, this student’s choice, and parents’ education is inseparable.

Netizens generally believe that children’s problems are the problems of parents.

If the child dances in school, the parent does not identify the child as being murdered.

According to this parent’s logic, he was arrested for robbing the bank. He blamed the bank security for doing too well. He tripped and fell on the road carelessly and didn’t complain about the poor road repair.

Male parents never find their own reasons, just blindly put the responsibility of suicide on the school, throw the pot.


Who should be responsible for shooting a boy to commit suicide by jumping off a building?

Montessori said: “everything we do to a child will blossom and bear fruit, not only affecting his life, but also determining his life.”

Every child is born with a piece of white paper. The parents are the first teachers of the first child. Later, they go to school. The teacher’s instruction But family education plays an important role in children’s life.

Some children grow up together, receive a common education, and have the same circle of friends. Why are their personalities and ways of doing things different is not the result of different family education.

For example, Zhao, who secretly photographed a female classmate, committed a big mistake and committed suicide. Instead of reflecting on why his child would rather die than let himself know, his parents quickly threw the pot to the school and made a compensation of 2 million yuan.

How quickly parents shirk responsibility is amazing!

And their son would rather use suicide to escape reality than face his own mistakes, which is deplorable.

How similar are the attitudes of parents and children!

There is a saying: “children grow up watching the back of their parents.”

If the parents are the original, and the boy who committed suicide is a copy of them. It’s not hard to figure out where the roots come from when there’s something wrong with the copy.

Parents usually choose to evade their responsibilities subconsciously, but they pay with their children’s life. Looking back, I want to put the blame on girls and schools. But there is no way to save the child’s life.

In fact, on the road of children’s growth, ignoring the cultivation of sense of responsibility seems to go fast, but in fact it is not stable and will not go too far. However, the height of parents’ pattern determines the starting point of children’s life. What parents say and teach by example is the foundation color that decides a child’s life.


Children’s problems reflect the behavior of parents

Professor Li Meijin said in an interview: “children’s problems are often created by adults. Every kind of psychological and behavioral problems of children must be related to parents’ behavior and education methods.”

Back to this tragic event, in fact, the root cause is the problem of family education. In addition to educating their children to take responsibility, parents should guide them from the source.

Growth needs space, aggressive maternal love fetters children’s freedom

The ancients said, Pengsheng hemp, do not help themselves straight. It emphasizes the importance of environment to human growth.

In the recent fire “secret corner”, the child who does not know how to communicate. He has no friends and will not communicate with his classmates. Zhu Chaoyang is the “first” isolated by everyone.

From the mother’s point of view, the main task of the child is to learn, and all the things outside the study need not be taken care of. Making friends is what we do when we enter the society.

When her parents divorced, Zhu Chaoyang became her mother’s only support. All her efforts were for Zhu Chaoyang to study hard. Too much interference in his study and life, even drinking milk such a small matter can not make the decision.

Even once he said that the milk was a little hot, but his mother said that the temperature was just right and asked him to finish it immediately.

This kind of living environment directly leads to two people in getting along with each other in a tight and tense way, without the intimacy of mother and son at all.

This kind of love is abnormal, too much control of maternal love, represses the healthy growth of children.

They also need freedom, need space, constantly hone, to find their own way of life.

Doting needs scale, don’t let love become a poison to children

In the secret corner, there is also a typical example, which is Zhu Jingjing.

Zhu Jingjing and Zhu Chaoyang are half brothers and sisters. The difference between Zhu Jingjing and Chaoyang is that she has been under the protection of her parents for a long time and has formed an arrogant and domineering character for a long time.

When her father bought new shoes for Zhu Chaoyang, she deliberately trampled on the dirt and defied her brother recklessly, which eventually led to tragedy. A child who has been spoiled for a long time will always be proud of himself.

She would think that everything her parents gave her was taken for granted, and she did things without considering the consequences.

No matter what you do wrong, you will always think of your parents. If you go to the society and do things without restraint, you will always taste the bitter fruit of your own brewing.

Today, the post-80s and 90s have become the backbone of society. Most of the people born in this era are only children. The birth of a child has become the treasure of the three families.

Children live in the halo of love for a long time, without guidance, it is easy to develop a lawless character.

This kind of child is too common, last time I accompany the child to vaccinate, met a “little overlord”.

Because there were so many people, I sat outside on the swing with my baby in my arms. As a result, a little boy came with some children and said, “get up for me. I’ve been playing here. “

When I heard this, my face turned black. The child is very overbearing, said “I’m going to call my mother,” and then left viciously.

After this incident, I thought that we should educate our children well and never spoil him.

If we don’t educate our children, there will always be someone to help you educate them.

Dear parents, never let love become an excuse for their children to make mistakes, let alone love as a reason for their children to kidnap their children. When accompanying their children, they should control their own way of love.

In the process of growth, knowledge can be learned and accumulated slowly, but the cultivation of sense of responsibility needs the encouragement and awakening of parents.

May our children, under the correct education, be a person who has the courage to undertake, and rush to a more distant future.

The art of education is not teaching, but inspiring and arousing.


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