Some mothers complain that their babies’concentration is so poor that it is difficult to settle down and do a good job quietly. As a parent, the most common thing to say in the face of such a situation is: Don’t move! Don’t move! Why are you so bad…

When children are exploring the world, they are curious about everything, but parents are constantly inculcating the notion that what you do is meaningless! You don’t do it well, you don’t do it right!

In fact, this is virtually affecting the child’s concentration. When a child is doing something, parents constantly interfere and interrupt at the side, and over time it will result in inattention. To change this situation, besides changing some of their own ideas, parents can also prepare a small space for their children, this space is the child’s small world.

1. A crawling pad.

The exclusive space can be very simple, for example, a child learning to crawl can prepare a crawling pad, the baby can move in this area, adults can also reduce interference in the crawling pad on the baby. On the one hand, it is good for babies to learn to climb. On the other hand, it is also helpful for children to concentrate on playing.

2. A small tent.

From about the age of 1, a child will have the germination of independent consciousness, until the age of 7, this period is a very important period of self-awareness growth. Parents can provide their children with a small exclusive tent, which is also a very personalized unique space. Children can play, read, think, stay in a trance, and collect their own secrets. Even when you are unhappy, you can sit quietly in it.

3. A set of small tables and chairs.

A suitable chair and a suitable table are also the exclusive space for the baby. In this space, the baby can be comfortable, comfortable, focused to do their own thing, but also let him know that “this is a special space for him to prepare,” there will be a sense of being cherished.

As parents, we should allow our children to explore freely, but also to provide a suitable space for them to concentrate on what they are interested in. This kind of free and focused approach helps foster children’s attention and future sense of responsibility.

4, some storage tools.

Children’s biggest exclusive space is the children’s room, but because too many toys, some toy children may play for a while without interest, will inevitably cause a sense of chaos, but also easy to cause distraction. So it is necessary to prepare some toy storage tools to facilitate the collection and sorting, but also to cultivate the sense of responsibility of children.

Children, like adults, at certain times want to have their own space, can quietly do whatever they want to do, not be disturbed by the outside world. If mothers want to cultivate their babies’concentration, they can provide a small space for babies according to the above methods.


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