Don’t have more than three kinds of fruit a day

Although the fruit is good, it should be moderate for the baby to eat. The fruit for the baby should not exceed three kinds every day, and the amount should be controlled. Because the sugar content in some fruits is too high, eating more will make the baby lose appetite, but also affect the digestive function and the intake of other nutrients.

Eat fruit an hour before and after meals

Whether before or after a meal, eat fruit should be away from the baby eating time of more than an hour, or in the afternoon after this time period is also suitable for eating fruit. Because the baby’s stomach capacity is still relatively small, eat fruit when eating fast will occupy a certain space, affecting the intake of nutrients in the meal; eat fruit immediately after dinner, the monosaccharide substances in which are easy to block in the stomach, it is easy to form flatulence, and may also cause constipation.

Heat it up before you eat it

For the baby whose digestive function of gastrointestinal tract is not very good, it is better to heat the fruit for the baby in winter, so as to avoid dyspepsia caused by the stimulation of gastrointestinal tract due to too cold fruit. It can also be squeezed into juice and heated for baby to drink.


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