The child was accidentally scalded and cried with pain. What should I do? When the mother was burning with anxiety, the old man calmly offered a move: “put some toothpaste on the child ~” the mother quickly turned to find toothpaste

As everyone knows, this is a misunderstanding. Toothpaste has no curative effect on scald, but may worsen the wound! (follow wechat subscription number: mother duo’s parent-child time and talk about parenting)

Almost everyone has experienced scalding, especially children. Most patients in the burn department of the hospital are babies. Hot kettles, electric rice cookers, boiled water and water heaters may be the risk sources of scalding. Generally speaking, burns are divided into mild, moderate and severe.

Mild scald: that is, once scalded, it hurts the surface of the skin, with obvious pain, red and swollen skin, but no blisters. It usually heals within a few days.

Moderate scald: that is, secondary scald, which damages the middle layer of the skin, with obvious pain, red and swollen skin and blisters. It usually takes 1-2 weeks to heal.

Severe scald: that is, third degree scald, injury to subcutaneous tissue, hard, black or local carbonization of skin, which needs urgent treatment and timely sent to the hospital for treatment.

No matter what degree of burn and scald a child has, a mother can’t deal with it blindly. Smearing with toothpaste and ointment will not only affect the heat emission at the burn, but also increase the difficulty of cleaning the wound. In addition, it is not suitable to apply red and purple potions to children. The main function of these potions is disinfection, which can not reduce the situation of scald, and even affect the doctor’s judgment of the degree of scald. So what is the correct way to deal with the accidental scald of children?

1. Flushing

If the child is found to be scalded, he should immediately get rid of the heat source and rinse with tap water for 15-30 minutes. The main purpose of this is to cool down, reduce the residual heat at the scalded part, continue to damage the skin and relieve pain at the same time.

2. Stripping

If the child’s wound is covered with clothes, take off the clothes carefully after fully soaking wet to avoid tearing the wound. In addition, scissors can also be used to cut off the clothes around the wound to facilitate the treatment of the wound.

3. Bubble

Soak the burned part in cold water until there is no burning pain. In summer, add a small amount of ice in the water. But be careful not to apply ice directly to the wound, so as not to cause local skin frostbite and necrosis.

4. Medical treatment

When the scald is serious, do not apply drugs on the wound. First cover the wound with clean gauze, and then quickly send it to the nearest hospital for treatment, so as to avoid missing the best treatment opportunity. (follow wechat subscription number: mother duo’s parent-child time and talk about parenting)

In addition to the four steps mentioned above, pay attention to the following two points:

1. If the child’s skin blisters after scalding, do not tear it, do not apply any drugs by yourself, and keep the wound clean to prevent wound infection and affect healing.

2. If the scald is serious, give the child some light saline to prevent shock.


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