March 3, 2015 is the 16th “ear day” in China. The theme of this activity is: “use your ears safely and protect your hearing”. The baby’s hearing is sensitive and fragile. However, in daily life, many parents do not pay attention to the situation, which will affect the baby’s hearing. For the normal development of baby’s hearing, it is particularly necessary to avoid the following situations.

There are potential safety hazards in 5 ways of ear use

Children under 9 years old wear headphones

According to Canadian pediatric experts, never give children under the age of 9, especially infants, headphones to listen to stereo music. This is because the auditory organs of infants and young children are in the development stage, and the organ tissues are still very fragile. If infants and young children are equipped with stereo headphones to listen to music, the sound pressure will be directly transmitted to the very thin tympanic membrane to stimulate the auditory organs and make them extremely excited. Long term use is easy to cause auditory fatigue and damage the auditory organs.

When listening to stereo music for infants, be sure to turn down the volume and let the baby have a rest after listening to it for a while; And never give children to wear headphones to listen to music. Don’t do bad things with good intentions. You know, a volume greater than 90 dB will cause irreversible hearing damage to the ear nerve!

In addition, wearing headphones for two consecutive hours will lead to hearing damage and irrecoverable. It is suggested that children should never listen to music in a noisy environment. In different environments, the auditory nerve has different decibel requirements for the incoming sound from the outside world. Although listening to music in a noisy environment feels the same as listening to music at a low volume in a quiet environment, the former is more harmful to the eardrum, because the degree of noise tolerance has not changed.


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