It’s a pleasure to bring your children to nature in the bright spring, but once an accident happens, the consequences will be unacceptable to anyone. Parent-child version of the special launch of parent-child spring travel safety treasure book, take the baby out before you must see oh!

1. Traffic safety is the most important

Special Tip: Sitting in the co-driver’s seat with your child is the most dangerous.

When a family of three goes on a happy trip, whether by plane or by car, the safety of their children is the first concern you should pay attention to.

1. Every child should have his own seat. Children under 2 years of age or under 18 kilograms of weight should use baby seats on airplanes and ensure that children wear seat belts.

2. Do not allow children to sit in seats near the aisle when flying. Children like to stretch out their hands to explore everywhere. They are easily injured by passing people or service cars. Be sure to go to the bathroom with your children.

3. When traveling in a car, a child should sit in the back seat of the car, never in the copilot seat – it is most dangerous to sit in the copilot with the child in your arms, and the child acts as your airbag. Make sure that doors and windows are locked where children can reach them. Throw out all toxic substances like detergents in the car. Then, see if there is something easy to swallow, such as a button that falls off, and take away the hard books or toys.

4. The weight in the car should be collected well. Small, heavy objects can be placed under the seat so that they do not rush out when suddenly braking. In the same way, things like suitcases in the carriage must be properly placed.

2. Personnel Care for Babies

Special Tip: Never let your baby out of sight

1. When dining, playing and shopping, you must designate a special person to take care of the baby. Don’t let the baby out of your sight, so as to avoid the baby being hit by unexpected objects or lost in crowded places.

2. Avoid going to crowded public places: Take baby out must avoid going to crowded public places, in order to avoid baby being crowded or infected with various diseases.

Babies under the age of 3 or 2 must take a trolley when they go out, which is not suitable for such activities as mountain climbing.

4. If the baby walks for 30 minutes, he must rest to avoid fatigue, muscle pain and cramps. Don’t bring too small a baby into the swimming pool. You can’t let the baby swim alone. When visiting a zoo, we should pay attention to keeping children from touching animals directly with their hands, and not letting children put their hands on animals and suck them in their mouths.

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Page 4: Prepare first aid supplies. Page 5: Five places your baby should avoid

Page 1: Pay attention to traffic safety when traveling in spring

Page 2: Outdoor Sports Should Pay Attention to Safety and Heat Stroke Prevention

Page 3: Allergy prevention in outdoor contact with plants

Page 4: Prepare first aid supplies.

Page 5: Five Places Babies Should Avoid


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