Parents want their baby to be intelligent and do not hesitate to spend a lot of money on “intellectual investment”. These measures are understandable. Unfortunately, they ignore all kinds of intellectual “killers” in life. Do you know what these killers are?

One of the “killers”: improper diet

Some parents require their children to “eat together” with adults, neglect the particularity of their children, and can also “connect” intellectual development. MSG, for example, is safe for adults but harmful for children. Because sodium glutamate, the main component of monosodium glutamate, is easy to combine with zinc to synthesize insoluble sodium glutamate zinc, resulting in zinc deficiency in the baby and affecting brain development. Vegetarian diet is good for adults, and can prevent many kinds of “rich diseases” (hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, etc.). However, children’s brain development is inseparable from fat. In particular, some special lipids (such as 22 carbon 6 enoic acid, also known as brain gold) are only the most abundant in meat and other meat foods. Therefore, eating vegetarians will reduce their intelligence level.

Countermeasures: try to eat less monosodium glutamate and sweets, strive to balance the diet structure, match meat and vegetables, and properly arrange brain food such as fish and poultry.

“Killer” 2: tease the baby

It is reasonable for parents or relatives and friends to tease their baby to play in order to show their love to him. But some people tease rudely, which is debatable. Such as making the baby laugh, or even instant asphyxia, damaging the brain. Another example is throwing the baby high. Because the baby’s head is heavy and the neck muscles are weak, it is easy to shake the baby’s head after throwing it high.

Countermeasures: in order for the baby to have a good head, refuse all uncivilized ways of teasing and playing.

Killer 3: Obesity

Obesity is not only easy to get sick, but also kills intelligence. Compared with normal children of the same age, the IQ of obese children with more than 20% of normal weight is very different from the latter. The ability of seeing, hearing, feeling and receiving knowledge of the former is at a low level.

Countermeasures: adjust the baby’s diet, reduce fat, pay attention to sleep, exercise more and lose weight.


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